Nota Bene #80: Meow

No time to waste, so let’s just jump right into the latest S&R batch of notable Netstuff. 享受! … Quick, someone unplug God’s phone … Alan Boyle on how science is revealing art secrets … His name wasn’t the only intriguing thing about Father Eleutherius Winance … I really don’t want to know which part of the pig this comes from … A redneck writer armed with a keyboard, a pack of smokes and all the misinformation and vitriol available on the Internet contributes something to the health care crap storm … The mind-boggling math of the unreal Usain Bolt … Phil Plait says working this job for just a week would be enough to make him “go running naked down the streets of DC babbling incoherently” … “He said, ‘If I croak, if you don’t put me upside down over Marilyn [Monroe], I’ll haunt you the rest of my life'” … Photographic memory in a pill? … Pictures from Ryan McGinley’s haunting series ‘Moonmilk‘; #16 is terrifying … What made you think Cindy Sheehan was going to quit? … The Simpsons of Angola … The way things are going, Jimmy the Rug will have no problem getting re-elected“Suddenly, the sun that once never set on the British Empire is casting long shadows over what’s left of Britain’s imperial ambitions” … One of our incredible rovers on Mars just found the largest meteorite ever seen on another planet. Astounding photos here … Enjoy your candle-lit dinner—OF DEATH! … Obama had it easy … Enjoy the incredible art of Kseniya Simonova … “Anyone who’s studied BLM knows they’ve zeroed out over a hundred herds. They’re managing wild horses to extinction” … Kick some ass, ladies … Whistleblower Harry Markopolos says there are worse evildoers out there than Bernie Madoff … The dark side to student loans … Maya Lin’s current labor of love … “The power of the sun, in the beer in my hand” … You’re all a bunch of sickos. I’m serious … “If we are going to get the change we need, progressives will have to challenge those in both parties who can’t see which way the wind is blowing” … New York’s ’70s new wave and punk scenes recalled in a new NYC exhibit … Seth MacFarlane stoops to a new low and he couldn’t be prouder … Your great273-grandma was a comet … You must be scum when the burglars that robbed you turn you in … What next, Poe died of a hangnail? Van Gogh, the vapors? … “We must now ask what the collective impact of all 6.7 billion human beings on Earth will be. We have never had to do this before” … No good deed goes unpunished … Dirty laundry … Bill Cosby wins the Mark Twain Prize … I bet Hitler’s boys did the same damned thing … Screw Craftsman, these are some serious tools … Gawker says what’s on a lot of people’s minds … Colorado has its own X-Files … “Skank” sinks skunkBummer … A real American socialist, unfiltered … CGI Blue Meanies? … A tale of bitchers, Birchers, and birthers … Sheesh, teenage girls these days … Mike Patton is weird, but you knew that … Josh Marshall on the modern American right’s “very troubled” history with political violence … Body condoms aren’t far off … Some ideas of what alien life might look like … And now for something completely welcome … GOP: Just say no to everything … This is why Orville Redenbacher lived to be 1,000 … The Big Bang’s not so big anymoreLa Bloga‘s Rudy Garcia is on a quasi-vision quest … Oh, the Everest-sized irony … One of the funniest people on the planet is all atwitter … And finally, Cyriak is back! ∞

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  1. I HOPE they get rid of our nuclear weaponry, reign in the military, cut costs and slash the welfare bonanza.

    It would also be refreshing to be a normal country again…invaded by the mainland continent every 4 minutes – with the English squabbling with the Welsh and Scots…

  2. Man, that student loan piece was scary. I’ve always been thankful that my mother and stepfather covered tuition, but never more than after reading that. Of course, Robin has plenty of student loan debt so i guess that i’m still saddled with it.

  3. Student loans are in such need of regulation and overhaul. There has been some reform, but 1 in 3 people likely to default says the system is broken.

    When did school get so crushingly expensive? We started one of those guaranteed education tuition programs for our son at birth. If the program stays solvent our biggest gift to him will be his undergraduate education. We paid on student loans for years after getting married. Our story is no different than everyone else…