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Tournament of Rock – Legends: the Tom Petty pod

Results: The last pod produced very little drama, as Fillmore region #9 seed Peter Gabriel led wire-to-wire. The numbers: Peter Gabriel 44%; The Steve Miller Band 17%; Buffalo Springfield 17%; The Black Crowes 17%; Nick Lowe 6%. PG advances to the Great 48.

Our tournament to name the greatest band of all time now shifts to the Hollywood Bowl pod. This throwdown promises to be a bit more lively, as one of the South’s finest rock-n-rollers defends against one of the strongest fields we’ve seen yet.

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Polls close at midnight Friday.

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  1. Petty will win this easily, and I don’t have a problem with him at all. I especially like what he and the Heartbreakers did on the Johny Cash American Recordings. But I wonder how many bands TP has actually influenced?

    It doesn’t stand a prayer in this pod, but BM/HD/Sugar gets my vote – hands down. If you have never listened to the Husker Du album “Zen Arcade” do yourself a favor and go. Now. Then listen to “Warehouse:Songs and Stories” Much of what Husker Du did laid the groundwork for what we called “alternative” throughout the 90s, but they never sold shit, so they aren’t legends. Bah…

  2. Kiss has achieved something no other band could do. They actually achieved the status of the only band that can not ever be labeled as a “sell out”. Their whole appeal was based characters, not necessarily music and they’ve sold so much crap, that it’s impossible to call them sell outs. It’s like saying NASCAR is selling out when they put advertising on their cars. They do have a few kick ass tunes, but the bulk of their stuff is unlistenable. Also some of the worst sounding recordings I’ve ever heard. Here’s the rub though, they did write one of the greatest rock songs of all time, and Ace is considered a legend amongst his piers, Paul and Gene are unapologetic in their quest for money and I gotta say that’s what I like about them. Having said that their stage antics make me do a face palm (mainly when I saw Gene licking Paul’s neck). I can see their appeal, and actually they left a great mark on a lotta rock bands and a certain Garth Brooks. I’m not sure if this appeal was due to the fact that some of these people were young kids and thought of them as comic book heroes, or if it was the act and the music.

    I have to say that Tom Petty’s music has stood the test of time, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say they “Hate” Tom Petty. I’m not sure he broke new ground, but he did write simply great tunes. Most of his albums have a hand full of great songs, and I usually don’t pimp a greatest hits album, but TP and the HB’s greatest hits may be the greatest roadtrip cd of all time. I kinda agree with Seth on this one. I don’t hear bands doing songs that sound like Tom Petty (Except my bands song “Tea Bag”, it kinda sounds like every Tom Petty song put together) maybe it’s his unique voice that stands out, I’m not really sure.

    Jeff Beck is great, and yes very underrated. And probably one of the most influential to musicians on this list, however he may not be “big” enough for this contest.

    Tears For Fears and Husker Du are the types of bands that I didn’t show enough respect to when I was younger.

    Bauhaus could be credited for creating a sound or even a genre, and that can be argued, it’s not something I’ll touch, that’s more up Sam’s alley. They weren’t hugely popular worldwide so I’m not sure that it’s enough to make them a “legend”.

    I’m actually up in the air here.

  3. I’m with Darrell on KISS, in fact I said almost the same thing in a post with KISS trading cards.

    I had a Husker Du album (Warehouse I think) and I just couldn’t listen to it.

    I’m down to Tom Petty, Jeff Beck and Bauhaus.

  4. I like most everyone here. But I had to go with Petty. Anyone who can tell the record execs to go fuck themselves while picking his fingernails with a pocket knife and THEN write Damn the Torpedoes…well, he pretty much has to win.

  5. Dear Sam and Jim,

    You two are sadistic bastards.

    P.S. Darrell & Retro Hound – I should preface this by saying I grew up a raging Kiss fan and still listen to them regularly, but honestly, among this group I had to put them dead last. The one influence they should have had on rock music (how to be great performers and put on a good show) has clearly been lost on the generations that have followed. Past that, every other artist in this pod has had more influence.

  6. Much as I like Petty, went with Beck. Not sure what these bands have to do with Hollywood Bowl, though.

  7. I went with Beck, I just had to. He may be the least popular artist’s I’ve voted for so far, but the guitar playing and the respect amongst his peers gives him the edge. I listen to Petty the most here, and If I were start a band, I’d want to have the career that Petty had, but I don’t think his style of music has inspired me or other “musicians” to do anything different. It certainly inspires people to write great songs, but really no new ground broken here. It was still tough in the end becasue I love Petty’s tunes.

    Fikshun: I totally agree, It will be interesting to see if Kiss has some sort of revival in 20 years, and becomes a greater influence for performers.

  8. Russ: Nothing. We just gave the four brackets names and decided to name them after famous rock venues. I did put The Beatles in the H Bowl region and U2 in the Red Rocks region, but that’s was just cosmetic. Other than that there was no attempt to slot bands.

  9. Although they sure won’t win, my vote goes to Bauhaus. They’re very much like the Ralph Nader of post-punk: they’re always there, but always on the periphery, with a hardcore following and undeserved ridicule.