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Tournament of Rock – Legends: the Peter Gabriel pod

Results: Not only was our last match the closest we’ve seen so far, it also featured some of the most contentious commentary from our voters. In the end, The Smiths/Morrissey pulled away for a narrow victory and now advance to the Great 48. The numbers: The Smiths/Morrissey 31%; Brian Eno 25%; Blur/Damon Albarn 16%; Rick Springfield 13%; The Jam/Style Council/Paul Weller 13%; The Stone Roses 3%.

Next up in our tournament to name the greatest band of all time, from the Fillmore region, is a talented pack of undeniable rockers headed by an art rock legend.

Note: Genesis appears separately, so voters should evaluate Peter Gabriel more in terms of his solo career.

Polls close Wednesday at midnight.

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  1. On day one of my administration, I would sign into law a ban of the song “the Joker” from parties and karaoke. Actually I kind of forgot how much I really hate The Steve Miller Band. I was actually having a great day until I had to think about their songs. I know a lot of people love them, and maybe they would move on in another POD. I think PG is too much for all the rest here.

    PG is the obvious choice here for me.

    Any music fan should sign up for a free magazine called TapeOp ( They have amazing articles on how famous and not so famous artists record, mix, etc. It may be techie in some areas for people who don’t care/know about gear or theories , but it’s very interesting to hear how some of these artists record things. They have some bonus articles online as well. Anyways I read an article about PG and some of the stuff he did inside the studio, just amazing. I try to pimp this magazine any time I can.

  2. I like Gabriel’s solo stuff, but some of it is too soft for me to call rock. Toss in Buffalo Springfield’s short lifespan, and I’m stuck voting for SMB.

    • You can’t vote for PG because he has songs that are soft and that makes him “not rock”? Have you ever heard a song called “Michelle” by an old British group called The Beatles?

      Man, the standards you people have…..

  3. Although my heart is with Buffalo Springfield, I voted for Gabriel.

    BS produced both Stills and Young and led to another group, Poco, but, like The Yardbirds before them, the parts may be greater than the whole. Although “Rock and Roll Woman” is a helluva song.

    Steve Miller – Like many here, I love/hate his work. I guess for me it went south after “Your Saving Grace.” All that “Joker” shit was just that. “Jungle Love” is a guilty pleasure, though.

    Still, guilty pleasures don’t deserve to advance here.

    Nick Lowe deserves much love, but maybe as a producer/facilitator more than as a musician himself. Always fine work, though.

    Like The Crowes, but they can’t rate against this level of competition.

    So it’s the Lamb who lies down on Broadway as a star….

    Is there a more haunting song with a social conscience than “Biko”?

    Gotta be Peter….

  4. Oh, by the way:

    Brian – listen to the BS song I mentioned above as well as “On the Way Home,” “Bluebird,” and “Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing.” Just great stuff….

    Sam – what have I told you about mentioning The Beatles WITHOUT genuflecting towards Liverpool?

    Now, everyone go listen to “Solsbury Hill.”

  5. Well, went with BS for the same reason I went with the Yardbirds–being legendary can include incubating careers, I’m fine with that. And although I’m probably in the minority here, I think that Stills was a better songwriter with BS than he was afterward–and that includes the first CSN album, which I played a lot (really only for Wooden Ships, to tell the truth, and mainly for the guitar, not the lyirics), but not as much as I played Buffalo Springfield Again. Besides, PG was good, and I liked his first solo album, but not great–anyone hum any good Genesis songs recently? I thought Genesis was tedious. Gabriel is another one that MTV ruined. BS gave us some great songs that I still carry around–Rock & Roll Woman is one of the best ever, and the second and third albums have lots of great stuff on them. But let’s face it, I’m almost always going to go with the 60s group. Booth is right–SM’s last good song was Your Saving Grace–and he wasn’t even the singer. But he did bring us one of the greatest rock songs ever–Boz Scaggs’ Dime a Dance Romance. Which should be played at 11.

  6. damn, the last one may have been a yawner, but this one just stings. i love peter gabriel. screw “solsbury hill”. as depeche mode can attest via “people are people”, writing a “why is man’s nature necessarily a violent one?” type song without coming across as weak or naive is hard work. “games without frontiers” pulled it off in a way that perhaps only “sunday, bloody sunday” equaled or bettered.

    still, i had to give the vote to Buffalo Springfield. there aren’t many bands i’d break the Cam Neely rule for, but BS is one.