What's It Wednesday

by Sam Smith

Hi – I’m sitting in for Dawn this week. Here’s your pic:


Pardon the photo quality. I’ll explain why it’s this way once the guessing is done.

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  1. Out of focus fuzzy slippers under a couch with Ronin on the couch and someones had holding Ronin, or is that his dogie bed instead of a couch?…. I agree with Russ as with pictures like this it just makes us all appreciate Dawn more.


  2. Rho: I freely acknowledge that I’m not the shooter Dawn is. I just had this picture that seemed like something you, in particular, might enjoy.

  3. Oh, great. If anything Slammy is even MORE sneaky than Dawn.

    At first, I thought it might be a picture of a reflection of Dawn looking out the port of someone’s star cruiser (her ship is too small to have windows this big, but she certainly has friends in high places). The blue in the lower left could be the reflection of the Crab Nebula. But since this is Slammy’s picture, I had to rethink. My next thought was that it is a bit of street art in downtown Denver, a little washed out by light rain. That didn’t quite ring true, either.

    Then I recognized that there’s a woman holding a beer or glass of wine in the picture. And she seems to be reclining on a couch. I also remembered that the fall equinox is coming up (which, as it happens, is a particularly important date for Slammy). Most likely, he is trying to do something creative to celebrate. Knowing all that, I was able to deduce that this is a photograph of the Kirlian aura around his wife, Angela. Although why she’d trust him with that much voltage, I’ll never know.

    • Okay, here’s your answer. First off, Russ, she’ll be back next week, and after the reveal no one will ever let me near a camera again, let alone WiW.

      Last week I was in Vegas, and at one point we wandered through the MGM Grand. If you know that lovely place, then you’re familiar with their lion exhibit, which features this guy:

      In the pic you can see people in the little plexiglas tunnel under him, which allows you to see whatever parts of Simba are currently facing down. As I wandered in, I looked up and there, flattened against the glass, was the King of the Jungle’s undercarriage.

      So what you’re seeing in that picture is a set of lion balls.

      Dawn, I know everybody is already looking forward to your return next week…

  4. Sam – well done! You fooled me completely. This morning I thought it was a baby in utero. Was I ever wrong. I still see a hand in the picture though, so Ubertramp could be correct…

    Lion balls, well – no chance of topping that next week. I hope Sam decides to play again, so be nice. 🙂

  5. I can’t recall who or what was around me when I took the shot, but I’m shooting into plexiglas in bad light. So that hand could be a reflection of somebody standing next to me.