What's it Wednesday

by Dawn Farmer

Any ideas?

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  1. The tread of a brand new shoe. I’m not even going to try to guess the manufacturer or size.

  2. At first glance, this does appear to be the tread from the bottom of a shoe. I suppose it could also be some strange type of tire tread.

  3. It’s the representation of the thousands of children’s souls who sweat away their days so that some fat American can ‘look good’ while not exercising.

  4. Farley – you buzz kill… yes, it’s the bottom of a shoe (New Balance to be precise). 🙂

  5. If it is a New Balance sneaker, there’s a slim chance it’s made in the US ~ about 25 percent of them are made in Mass. and Maine. That’s a drop from 70 percent 15 years ago.

    I’ve got extreme brand loyalty toward New Balance, but I’m disappointed to see my new pair are made in China.