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Tournament of Rock – Legends: the Elton John pod

Results: In the Hollywood Bowl region, Blues Traveler jumped out to an early lead. However, The Ramones maintained a steady pace and pulled away to win easily. The numbers: #5 The Ramones 46%: Blues Traveler 32%; Aerosmith 8%; Skinny Puppy 7%; Heart 6%. The Ramones advance to the Great 48.

Next we shift to the Fillmore bracket where #11 seed Sir Elton John takes on what may be the toughest lineup we’ve seen yet.

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Our search for the greatest band in history rolls on. Let your voice be heard, and may the best band rock. Polls close whenever I get back from Vegas – so maybe Thursday night sometime.

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  1. This one is tough. Elton has an extensive catalog, and his early stuff was by far his best, but how influential was he to the next generation of musicians? There’s no doubting Joan Jett’s influence for female rockers, but he commercial success is limited, and her most famous songs were covers. Duran Duran has quite a great amount pop tunes, and a healthy dose of admirers in the biz. Concrete Blond is more popular with musicians, and moderately with the public. Lush is cool but not really that popular, I had to struggle to recognize who they were. When Rob Zombie isn’t remaking (poorly) horror movies he made some pretty fun songs. They were popular, but by no means were they respected amongst his peers. His songs basically go like this.

    Guitar part: Chug, Chug, Chug, Chug, Chug, Chug, Chug, Chug

    Vocal: Yeah!

    I may have to sleep on this one since my judging has been based more on who is the greatest influence to listeners and musicians. I’m actually kinda leaning with Duran Duran here.

  2. “what may be the toughest lineup we’ve seen yet.”

    Sorry, no. Practically every earlier line-up makes his one look like one major has-been and a bunch of second stringers. It’s almost a shame that this one will have a winner. Granted, Elton has been a force, but it’s not clear for what–for every Benny and the Jets there’s been a Candle in the Wind. An amazing talent wasted. Sitting this one out, sadly.

  3. Bah. This one sucks. I think this is the first pod where I have albums by all of the artists and/or still listen to them regularly. I really wanted to vote for Joan Jett. Yeah, a lot of her stuff is covers. But she rocks the hell out of em. Look up her Telluride concert on Youtube. Here’s her cover of I Wanna Be Your Dog.

    But I ended up voting for EJ even though he’s probably the one I listen to (and like) the least. There’s just too much there.

  4. Toughest one, indeed, but mostly because none of these artists strikes a chord with me. I went with Joan Jett. I’m not going to hold doing a lot of covers against her. Where would rock have been without covering the blues greats? Elvis did it. The Stones did it. Clapton’s various groups did it. The Beatles never did it directly, but i chalk that up to slight dishonesty more than originality. And just about every other band does it until they make it big.

  5. Interesting responses. I think the main thing that it illustrates is the same thing we saw, to some degree, in two previous pods. Van Halen was once godlike. Then came Sammy. Aerosmith was on the way to an epic rock career, but they’ve squandered that early greatness and become a predictable pop band.

    Elton John, of course, is the king of squandered legacy. If he’d simply STOPPED after CAPTAIN FANTASTIC (or even ROCK OF THE WESTIES) this would have been a rout.

    D: What if the entry had been White Zombie only? I thought WZ was the defining metal band of the 90s (or at least one of two or three). But his solo stuff has been underwhelming.

    Lush has been very influential, except that they’ve been influential in the dreampop/shoegazer world, and thanks to what happened in the music industry over the past 20 years they’ve never had the kind of exposure their work deserved. Same goes for bands like Catherine Wheel and Verve.

    Anyway, I think there’s a post to be had on that “don’t fuck with your legacy” thing….