Nota Bene #77: Bastards Are Everywhere

This makes no damned sense at all: a#yge+iu8wg@awf. Here’s something more sensible: S&R’s latest collection of recent interesting links. Enjoy! … Sweetest perfectionPrairie Home Companion turns 35 … A six-pack of strange: mystery Miami graveyard; clues to the most famous lost time ever; heretofore unknown works by music’s greatest genius said found (listen here); in search of DNA clues to the Earhart mystery; hold on to that spleen; why do some moms give up their kids? … RIP, Cowboy Bob … Oh, if only van Gogh had sold more than one painting in his lifetime—imagine the greatness he might have achieved … And Prof. Gates thought he had it bad … A “robot guy” explains why humans are betterGood heroes and, well, relatively speaking, bad heroes … Melanie Mason wonders, why so few female politicians in the infidelity club? (This woman would be its mascot) … 17 ft. and 207 lbs. of Florida horror … 42,000. That’s the number of people Vietnam says have been killed by land mines left over from the war, and they still line 16 million acres … “It’s so comforting to press play and enter into a familiar social network, even if that network involves the mob” … No sound in space—or smell … Ryan O’Neal, utter bastard … Speaking of bastards, Bernie Madoff can’t believe he got away with his unprecedented brand of thievery for so long … More bastards: Rudy Giuliani weeps for those poor souls making six-figure salaries … The gubmint wonders, how do you say “oopsies” in Spanish? … Cigarettes don’t kill people, deprived smokers do … Nah, nothing fishy here at all. Nuh-uh. Nope. Totally legit, above board, and dammit, well-earned through years of hard slog. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! … ♫♪ “Parsley, sage, rosemary, cow pies, urine and pond scum” ♪♫ … Beware the heebie-jeebies! … Dan Rather rues the fall of journalism; not that this is any indicator … It’s enough to make Larry Flynt leap out of his wheelchair and click his heels … Congrats to the latest slew of Freedom Medal winners, including God’s slam poet, Rev. Joe Lowery … And finally, Shatner reads Palin—’nuff said. ∞

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  1. I think it might be time to put our Prairie Home Companion down, but that’s only because i’ve yet to forgive Keillor for making so many car rides of my youth unbearable to the point of contemplative homicide.

    I’m perturbed by the recent slew of biomass for energy articles. We have fuel issues, but we also have soil issues. Just about all the stuff that people propose we turn into energy is compostable and would probably do more long term good being turned into soil. Urine, in particular, makes a great nitrogen fertilizer if just aged. Or course, if livestock was grazed, we wouldn’t have a problem with its waste.