Sunday morning brush with celebrity

Went to Lucille’s this morning for brunch. (Best biscuits and gravy in .. the … world, by the way.) And guess who was sitting at the next table?

Yup. Ami Cusack of Survivor fame.

Things were going pretty well, I thought, and then out of nowhere I got voted out of the restaurant.

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  1. Sam,

    I’d be interested on how you got voted out of the restaurant. I hang out at this place in Manhattan, Bar Bolud
    and have seen David Byrne in there…..also had Madeline Albright sit in the next booth on last Friday night. If any of you are ever in Manhattan, check out Bar Boulud which is across from Lincoln Center. It’s a great place, with wonderful food.


  2. Sam,

    If you were there with Angela it was probably because no-one could figure out what she was doing slumming with you. 😉