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Tournament of Rock – Legends: the Ramones pod

Results: It was neck and neck between Cream and John Mellencamp as late as 5pm yesterday, but between then and closing time Mellencougar poured it on and pulled away for a comfortable win. The final numbers: John Mellencamp 60%; Cream 30%; Sarah McLachlan 4%; My Bloody Valentine 4%; Mott the Hoople 2%. Mellencamp moves on to the Great 48.

Our search for the greatest band of all time continues. The next match takes place in the Hollywood Bowl region, as #5 seeds The Ramones host yet another diverse roster of challengers.

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Polls close at midnight on Monday (8.3.09).

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  1. This one was much easier for me. Ramones, hands down. And I don’t even have one of their albums. Old Aerosmith is good but except for the thing with Run DMC, the newer stuff kinda bores me. Heart’s Barracuda kicks ass, but not enough. BT would probably be fun live. SP, not even in the same ballpark.

  2. No love for Skinny Puppy? You’re pretty dismissive about a band that more or less invented one of our most vital genres, aren’t you?

  3. wow. another tough one. ultimately, i had to go with SP. Cleanse, Fold, & Manipulate and VIVIsectVI are the veritable Sgt. Peppers and Dark Side of the Moon of the industrial genre. Even Nine Inch Nails and Ministry would be nothing like what they’ve become were it not for SP. They are to music what Edgar Allan Poe is to literature.

    They won’t likely win the pod, but hands down they’re the most influential band on this list.

  4. Fikshun writes:

    Even Nine Inch Nails and Ministry would be nothing like what they’ve become were it not for SP.

    I’m not familiar with Skinny Puppy’s music, but cognizant they were among the founders of industrial dance, once my favorite form of rock (before I switched to electronica), I voted for them.

  5. Aerosmith has almost become a parody of them selves. It’s almost hard to recognize them any more. They actually kinda ruined their status as legends. That being said, if they didn’t get clean, produce pop rock, and sell tons of albums they’d all be dead and broke, so I can’t blame them. Not much to say good or bad about Heart or Blues Traveler. I’m actually really enjoying listening to SP, I haven’t heard their stuff in a while. Although they are really important in the whole industrial music scene, I’m not sure their influence is as huge as the Ramones. Although personally I can only take about 30 minutes of the Ramones (which is actually about 15 songs) I Had to go with the Ramones on this one. They are basically the fathers of an entire genre.

  6. If you only heard 15 Ramones tunes in 30 minutes then you weren’t seeing them live. I think they probably worked through most of the catalog in an hour the night I saw them… 🙂

  7. Darrell,

    I’m curious about this one. Who would you say has been influenced by the Ramones? I kind of think of them as punk’s Sha-Na-Na. I realize that’s sacrilege to a lot of people, but to me they were just the first band that was able to bridge the early gap between punk and rock. They were undeniably punk but their shtick was more rock ‘n’ roll tribute band. Perhaps you could even call them the prototypical rock band. I don’t know. But still, when I think about them, I don’t see anything legendary or even particularly influential.

    For me, I ranked this pod starting with SP. I think cEvin Key (of Skinny Puppy) was the first keyboardist since Elton John and maybe even Jerry Lee Lewis to affirmatively and resoundingly answer the question “is the keyboard a rock ‘n’ roll instrument?” In fact, he took it so far that you’d be hard-pressed to make a guitar sound that angry or deranged. Nivek Ogre proved that, yes, you can make good music after cleaning up from a decade long heroin addiction.

    I put Heart second. Few women have ever sung with the fury and grace of Ann Wilson. And Nancy proved that, yes, women can be guitar gods (or goddesses) too. Plus, they rank highly in one of my more shameful arena rock qualifications: if your band existed in 1978-1979 and you chose not to ignore the disco phenomenon, were you at least able to do disco well and maybe even make it rock? “Straight On” rocks … certainly more than the Stones’ “Miss You”.

    Aerosmith has become a laughable parody of their former selves, but before Steven Tyler disappeared into the syringe, they were a pretty serious rock band.

    I put the Ramones in 4th.

    Blues Travleler – good, maybe even underrated, but not quite legendary status yet.

  8. Ramones, no question. Who did the Ramones influence? Sex Pistols, Clash, The Damned, pretty much anyone who came out of the ’77 British Punk scene was influenced by the first Ramones record, the entire California punk scene was a result of the Ramones, they basically spearheaded New Wave . To sell this band’s influence short is ludicrous. I think it’s safe to say much of the popular music of the 1990s would be significantly different if not for the Ramones.

  9. Gotta have Heart. They weren’t the first babe band, certainly–Fanny and Joy of Cooking got there long before. But they were the first babe band with chops, and who not only had chops, but could write good songs as well. And they influenced everyone–Pat Benetar, Chrissie Hinde, you name it. Yes, the Ramones had a huge influence, but since you can’t really listen to them for more than 20 minutes without putting on something else (in my case, it’s usually Husker Du), you have to wonder whether that influence was necessarily a good thing (cue boos and cries of astonished disbelief). Who hauls out their old Ramones records these days? (Or the Sex Pistols, for that matter) Aerosmith was an ok band, but so were lots of others who were just as ok, and they definitely fell into a rut early on. SP is quite a good band–but for me it’s hard to assess their influence, because it’s a genre I don’t particularly care for, or listen to a lot. Blues Traveller–competent, certainly, but Seth is right–not quite a legend.

  10. Seth beat me to it. Exactly what I was going to say minus the coherent English and proper punctuation.

  11. Not sure if that makes sense, I’ve been drinking on a boat all day. What I mean is that Seth can construct actual sentences in a coherent manner.

  12. I’ll be on the wrong side of the vote, but i went with Heart. I’m not a huge fan of anyone in the pod nor am i much into several of the represented genre’s so i have no feel for Skinny Puppy’s influence, etc. The same goes for the Ramones.

    Aerosmith had some moments in their early years, but i think that The J. Geils Band was the better Boston outfit of the era.

    Heart did it different. It wasn’t just the Wilson sisters, the way that they used the folky acoustics to such thunderous ends was pretty damned cool.

    Instituting the harmonica bandolier just isn’t enough for me.