What's it Wednesday

by Dawn Farmer

I hope it’s cooler in your part of the world today!

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  1. It reminds me of a bottle or drinking cup made from the green glass with the bubbles in…

  2. I’d say it’s some sort of hair goo, but that’s too easy.

    Clearly, that’s a closeup of an alien tenticle/probiscus projection. At the twilight of sleep, they can just be glimpsed out of focus ever so briefly before we’re drawn down into the black night of unconsciousness. They come to suck the lifeforce from my enfeebled brainmeats. To come out during the day, they need a ruse or distraction to achieve their aims. Con-theorists suggest that opinion polls such as “Tournament of Rock” may indeed be products of this alien race; acting as the distraction necessary for these transaction to take place.

    Purity Of Essence, Mandrake.

  3. Fikshun may be’s Bill Kristol.

    Or the stem of one of those margarita glasses that is shaped like a cactus.

  4. No one guessed it yet – but Rho is really close. I could say it’s all the health care reform we are ever going to see – a bottle of hand sanitizer!

  5. At first I thought it might be the “day” version of the “Blade of the Night Sky” I described several months ago. I’ve only heard rumors of it, of course, but upon first glance, this idea seemed remarkably reasonable. However, now that Dawn has admitted that this is something that she probably stores in a bathroom, its true nature becomes apparent.

    You may recall that a few months ago, Dawn posted a picture of one of the original Dead Sea Scrolls that was twisted and warped by the warp drive in her basement. This is actually the fuel for her warp drive. More accurately, the bubbles contain the antimatter.

    The rest is a quasi-solid gel-like matrix. Brian can probably explain it better than I can, but this is the way I understand it. When an electric current is applied, the gel becomes highly magnetic with synchronized and aligned dipoles. Subsequently, the fields are easily modeled, allowing the containment of antimatter in a relatively stable state. The gel is fed into the warp coil through the pipe running down the center of the container in Dawn’s picture, much like a fuel injector in your car.

    I suspect she keeps the fuel on the sink in her basement bathroom knowing no one will use it (since, as previously explained, the bathroom is perpetually “out” of toilet paper). Should you find yourself in said bathroom, however, I would suggest refraining from using this so called “hand sanitizer.” Of course, if you do, you may not ever need to be sanitized ever again.