Nota Bene #76: Boozin' with Barry O

I try to learn something new every day. Here’s where I help you out, with this latest collection of recent links of interest. Enjoy! … Truer words rarely spoken: “The food we eat today is making us fat. It’s making us sick. And the vast, government-subsidized system of agribusiness and mechanized corporate food production is inefficient and unsustainable, slowly ruining our environment, our economy, and our culture” … Gotta hand it to this guy … Do yourself a favor and learn how to fix your own damned computerYou’d think the Chinese would be able to teach a thing or two to the notoriously low-libidoed … Big Brother admits he’s wrong? … “Aaaaaaaay!” … Space agencies are liking the Huffington Post business model … “It’s Not That Easy Being (Frozen with) Green (Beans)” … Imagine a pro football league in which a 12-year-old girl makes your draft picks for you … “The flower of England face down in the mud / And stained in the blood of a whole generation” … The pitter-patter of tiny, 190,000,000-year-old feet … Now that the White House has been painted black, how ’bout the Capitol? … Damn you sushi eaters straight to hell … For my Raider brethren: Catching up with Ole Knothead himself, Jon Ritchie … A couple on Gatesgate: a Gawker’s account of what happened; and the beer of the year will be drunk this Thursday (Blue Moon??? Good God, arrest that man) … Never again! Well, until next time … The war on mistakenly targeted wedding parties continues in earnest … Yeah so Eliot Spitzer’s a dirtbag; nevertheless, it’s significant to hear him call the Federal Reserve “a Ponzi scheme, an inside job“; proving the point, see this and this and have a sick sack at the ready … Many happy returns … John Travolta’s greatest comeback in store? … “He loves these pens!” … And finally, Kenny Be is not a happy camper. ∞

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  1. Thanks for the factory food link, especially. My wife is reading THE OMNIVORE’S DILEMMA (and threatening to make me read it) and I recently finished AFFLUENZA, which made me so damned mad and depressed I could hardly function for several days. I imagine OMNIVORE’S DILEMMA would be more of the same…

    And what’s all this talk of a Fonzie scheme?

  2. That story about Dennis Green and his daughter is funny as heck. The human interest element makes for good publicity for the fledgling league.