Friday Night Happy Hour

by Dawn Farmer

Even though I was recently on vacation I kept an eye on clever things to share with the S&R readers. To that end I bring you the Hoshizaki Beer Dispenser.

I discovered this at the Northwest lounge at the Narita Airport. I apologize the images are not up to my usual standard, but there were actually other people waiting to photograph this amazing device. Turns out it has some renown among frequent fliers.

First you select your frosted glass from the fridge next to the machine. You slip the glass onto the platform and push the button.

The glass is held in place, tilted and the machine begins to dispense the beer. I prefer Sapporo, but Asahi was also on tap.

The machine levels the full glass, waits a moment and tops off the last drop. Perfection.


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  1. Hmmmm. This thing probably doesn’t need tips, but I think I prefer to get my beer from uber hawt waitresses. Unless, of course, the beer dispenser is related to Marvin, the manically depressed robot.

  2. Creepy Robot Bride will let you watch all the football you want and will bring you beers on demand. Meanwhile, though I’m not a drinker, interesting to see the beer dispenser.