Nota Bene #75: Hammerhead Worms and Hosers

Day late, dollar short, but here it is anyway: a quick-‘n’-dirty collection of recent links. Enjoy! … Masturbation doesn’t just kill kittensBehold the hammerhead worm! … “Oh, to be black and in the GOP” … Apparently it’s better than being gay and Jamaican … At 17 I was playing D&D and listening to metal; what were you doing? … “I thought somebody had bought Europe with my credit card” … What could make Willie Mays stay up all night sobbing? … The British Empire is still growing … Life’s a bitch and then you’re flushed … I smell a Disney script … “It actually looks more like Mark Twain — after falling off a Mississippi riverboat. And being hit by the paddlewheel” … Matt Taibbi blows the lid off the Goldman Sachs fiasco, but guess who still isn’t listening … Forty-one percent high and rising … Now if we could just figure out what the Papua New Guineans said to Mr. Peterman … Drew Magary on the right and wrong times to cry … Hollywood is making Americans stupid, who knew … I was hoping this woulda been snapped up and turned into the Ratfucking Hall of Fame … I like a good first … Why, those sneaky Bible nuts in Congress … Straight inta Compton … Links for Apollo 11‘s 40th: Eat this, conspiracy freaks; Buzz Aldrin: Marsward, ho!; here is Buzz’s greatest hit; you’re damned straight it’s not enough; the human capacity for unwarranted boredom knows no bounds; okay, I’m thoroughly depressed now … Something’s breaking out in Gaza, and it’s a good thing … Health care hell: Bill Moyers on what really matters in Washington; Robert Reich says Obamacare is at war with itself; and don’t fret, Michael Steele, I can’t understand my plan either … Gee, I hate your pants … The finest cult movie-inspired art you’ll ever see … Just when you think it’s hard enough getting even a crappy job, along comes an employment blacklist … I haven’t agreed with Pat Buchanan in a long, long time … “Why can’t we drink forever?” he once sang — well, now he’ll see to it that we can … Death to Jamba Juice! … And finally, @%$#^+&#~_#$*@#%&$^@*~#$_@!!! Ahh, that felt good. ∞

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  1. Rather blows the stiff up lip out of the water…thank ye gods for the scientists. Nothing like a good vent.

  2. I like the guy who owed $23,148,855,308,184,500. . .

    “It’s a lot of money in the negative, something I could never ever afford to pay back — my children couldn’t afford, grandchildren, nothing like that.”

    Cracks me up that he was actually thinking how, if worse came to worst, he’d try to repay it.

  3. Re the Jamba Juice, when I followed the link and saw the ad/cartoon, without even seeing who’s blog it was, my first thought was: “They ripped off David Rees!” He has every right to be outraged.