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Tournament of Rock Finals: Paul Steel is the champion!

The results are in. In the finals of the inaugural Tournament of Rock, Paul Steel has defeated Asobi Seksu by a 63%-37% margin. Huge congratulations from the staff here at Scholars & Rogues.

To celebrate Paul’s victory, we invite everyone to join us in watching some of his videos. First, “In a Coma”:

Up next, how about a little weirdity in the form of “Honkin’ on My Crack Pipe”:

Ahem, yes. And finally, here’s Paul doing “Ray Gun” live:

Listen to the Champ: MySpace / Last.FM

Here’s the final bracket, and again, a big congratulations to all the bands who participated. We didn’t invite just anybody….

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  1. Congratulations, Paul. We wish you yet more success and expect even greater things out of you!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed this tournament!

    …but did you have to put Honkin’ in as I need to put my mind in the washer now.