Nota Bene #74: The Return of Junkie Einstein

Now I’ve seen it all, at least until the next time I’ve seen it all. Enjoy this fat slab of greasy good linkage! … Ernest Hemingway, Commie fag junkie? … Darwin would no doubt be amused by the irony of this … The world’s most dangerous Korean is apparently not Kim Jong-ill … People actually buy and eat this stuff, including a sitting US lawmaker whose favorite breakfast is “Brains n’ Eggs” (check the ghastly percentage of cholesterol in the former ingredient) … Definitive proof from NASA itself that flying saucers are real … How the Whamola found Les Claypool … Obama to Africa’s corrupt elite: GTFO … Matt Taibbi on the financial institutions that The Washington Postdare not name” … Gods at war: Thor vs. Cronos! Well, sorta … One way in which monkeys are smarter than humans … This is clever and practical, but I’d prefer the Chia Ossuary … Speaking of the dead, a weird guy remembers another weird guy … As for the undead, Al Davis reflects on four score … Truly hideous and laughable album covers, including a celebrated one from The Louvin Brothers (sound clips here) and the eternally creepy early shot of Heino, who’s actually a legend in his home country … Suicide Girls’ departing firebreather FearTheReaper knows what will ultimately destroy America … Perez Hilton, galactic overlord … A good use for peels of an orange / which as you might know rhymes with door hinge … Grampa Lloyd Christmas! … The coolest car company in North America … Wonkette‘s Ken Layne take a hike—a bravely idiotic one … “So there was I, Jimmy Fallon, hitching a ride with Dave Grohl and Uncle Sam to Barack’s place” … A kinder, gentler Iron CrossThese are bad times to be an old boxing champ: witness the sad fall of Rocky Lockridge, the shotgun death of Alexis Arguello, and the strangulation of Arturo Gatti … It took 65 years to get that little piece of paper … Tiananmen Square protest leader Wu’erkaixi is horrified once again … A planting of a million trees begins with a single sapling … “[S]ome day soon there will be a cable news anchor that terrifies white people so much that they will tune in every night like they are going to see a Saw movie” … Prince Charles to “consumerist society”: BTFU … Pardon the redundancy: a Fox News host says something stupid … As The New York Times ignores civilian deaths in Pakistan, Tom Engelhardt wonders if Afghan lives are worth anything either … Arrakis to Earth: ThanksFuzzy Zoeller will be caddying … Proggers mourn the untimely passing of former Crimson Glory vocalist John Patrick “Midnight” McDonald, Jr.; here’s “Lady of Winter” … Fascinating, seldom-seen photos from the 1969 Apollo 11 mission … Heralded ape thespian Warren DeMontague—to whom Gary Oldman once bowed in respect—has scored an MTV show! … Speaking of greatness, “Weird Al” may as well pass the torch off to these guys … And finally, here’s the last Pixar review you’ll ever need to read. ∞

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  1. What’s the point of the teeth in the Russian herring? To give the illusion of freshness?

    Sad about Alexis Arguello. I’ve enjoyed few, if any, boxers more.