Nota Bene #74: The Return of Junkie Einstein

Now I’ve seen it all, at least until the next time I’ve seen it all. Enjoy this fat slab of greasy good linkage! … Ernest Hemingway, Commie fag junkie? … Darwin would no doubt be amused by the irony of this … The world’s most dangerous Korean is apparently not Kim Jong-ill … People actually buy and eat this stuff, including a sitting US lawmaker whose favorite breakfast is “Brains n’ Eggs” (check the ghastly percentage of cholesterol in the former ingredient) … Definitive proof from NASA itself that flying saucers are real … How the Whamola found Les Claypool … Obama to Africa’s corrupt elite: GTFO … Matt Taibbi on the financial institutions that The Washington Postdare not name” … Gods at war: Thor vs. Cronos! Well, sorta … One way in which monkeys are smarter than humans … This is clever and practical, but I’d prefer the Chia Ossuary … Speaking of the dead, a weird guy remembers another weird guy … As for the undead, Al Davis reflects on four score … Truly hideous and laughable album covers, including a celebrated one from The Louvin Brothers (sound clips here) and the eternally creepy early shot of Heino, who’s actually a legend in his home country … Suicide Girls’ departing firebreather FearTheReaper knows what will ultimately destroy America … Perez Hilton, galactic overlord … A good use for peels of an orange / which as you might know rhymes with door hinge … Grampa Lloyd Christmas! … The coolest car company in North America … Wonkette‘s Ken Layne take a hike—a bravely idiotic one … “So there was I, Jimmy Fallon, hitching a ride with Dave Grohl and Uncle Sam to Barack’s place” … A kinder, gentler Iron CrossThese are bad times to be an old boxing champ: witness the sad fall of Rocky Lockridge, the shotgun death of Alexis Arguello, and the strangulation of Arturo Gatti … It took 65 years to get that little piece of paper … Tiananmen Square protest leader Wu’erkaixi is horrified once again … A planting of a million trees begins with a single sapling … “[S]ome day soon there will be a cable news anchor that terrifies white people so much that they will tune in every night like they are going to see a Saw movie” … Prince Charles to “consumerist society”: BTFU … Pardon the redundancy: a Fox News host says something stupid … As The New York Times ignores civilian deaths in Pakistan, Tom Engelhardt wonders if Afghan lives are worth anything either … Arrakis to Earth: ThanksFuzzy Zoeller will be caddying … Proggers mourn the untimely passing of former Crimson Glory vocalist John Patrick “Midnight” McDonald, Jr.; here’s “Lady of Winter” … Fascinating, seldom-seen photos from the 1969 Apollo 11 mission … Heralded ape thespian Warren DeMontague—to whom Gary Oldman once bowed in respect—has scored an MTV show! … Speaking of greatness, “Weird Al” may as well pass the torch off to these guys … And finally, here’s the last Pixar review you’ll ever need to read. ∞

5 comments on “Nota Bene #74: The Return of Junkie Einstein

  1. What’s the point of the teeth in the Russian herring? To give the illusion of freshness?

    Sad about Alexis Arguello. I’ve enjoyed few, if any, boxers more.

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