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Tournament of Rock: Asobi Seksu vs. Rose Hill Drive

UPDATE: As of right now Asobi Seksu leads Rose Hill Drive, but only by a few votes. Polls close tomorrow (Thursday) at midnight. Winner moves on to the finals.

In last week’s rock-off we saw the biggest reader response of any match to date, with Paul Steel pulling away to post a convincing 75%-25% victory over Chris Corner and IAMX. Congrats to IAMX, who have one of the best CDs of the year to date. I feel certain certain they’ll turn up in our year-end best-of list. Meanwhile, Paul Steel moves on to the finals.

This week’s semifinal, which determines Steel’s final round opponent, features two very talented, but very different bands. First, the New York-based shoegaze artistry of Asobi Seksu, which dismissed Food Will Win the War in round 2. Exotic, swirling and intricate, Asobi Seksu is one of the very best of the current wave of shoegazers and dreampoppers.

Listen: MySpace / Last.FM / Lala / eMusic

Their opposition, hailing from Boulder, Colorado, is Rose Hill Drive. RHD has scored big points in previous wins over Antony & the Johnsons and Black Mountain for their no-nonsense approach to straight-ahead, roots inspired rock.

Listen: MySpace / Last.FM / Lala

If you would, give each band a listen, then use the poll below to let us know who you think should advance to the finals.

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Here’s the updated ToR bracket:

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  1. I went with the shoe gazers.

    If Rose Hill Drive wins this thing, because they’re from Boulder, it will seem like the fix was in. For the credibility of S&R, vote against them!

  2. On reconsideration, Dr. S. is right. Please feel free to vote for Rose Hill Drive.

  3. Heh – the contest isn’t about making me happy one way or another. So vote for whoever you like. I happen to think a lot of both bands, so I won’t be offended regardless….

  4. I’m boycotting the whole thing because you refused to include the Jonas Brothers so I could have the pleasure of voting against them.

  5. Ultimately, in a contest like this, not voting for someone is the same as voting against them. So not only am I providing you with the chance to inadvertently vote against the Jonas Brothers, you’re also getting to vote against John Mayer, Rod Stewart, Rihanna and Brian Adams.