Nota Bene #73: Jazz (Instruments) from Hell

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that this week’s post is another exciting Tupperware container overflowing with yummy leftovers. Enjoy! … Michael Jackson was nearly the death of Slash … Bill McClair explains why insurance companies fear the public option … Mein Gott: Germany’s most infamous post-WWII neo-Nazi party was led by a British intel agent … A good kind of peer pressureHannity probably thinks this is what’s meant by waterboarding … Weird and wonderful jazz instruments … New evidence of what likely caused the 1908 Tunguska explosion … Online journalism then and now … Officers take down an armed and dangerous lunatic (well, that’s what their report probably said) … Check out who joins Neil Young in concert to sing “A Day in the Life” … A sure cure for constipation … Elsewhere in Things That Should Scare the Crap Out of You: “Anti-terrorism training materials currently being used by the Department of Defense teach its personnel that free expression in the form of public protests should be regarded as ‘low level terrorism‘” … A photojournalist sneaks into Myanmar … Soon to be mistaking picnickers for terrorists in a meadow near you … KISS makes a sick kid’s day … A memorable flight … Obama’s no dummy—or is he? … Thomas P.M. Barnett’s Memphis photojourney … Noted eggheads mull, is a Terminator scenario possible? … Nate Silver explains why (some) liberals hate Palin … Gives new meaning to “eye teeth” … Mark Morford on your imminent, apocalyptic death … The music biz has run amok, but you knew that … Enjoy seeing her before she goes nuts again … I’d argue it’s de-volution … Dick Cheney slobbers at the thought … “[H]is relaxed demeanor speak[s] nothing of the horrors he endured in the five decades before he was granted peace” … Black Hawk downVibe magazine is no more … Watergate might not have occurred had Nixon kept this man at his side … Now you can text your bored, monosyllabic buddies even faster … How, now, downed Yao? … For Megadeth fans: the return of Mary Jane … What one senator has learned about marriage and equality, and what one Aussie MP has endured … Another fart in the hurricane that is Chinese manufacturing … “It’s Bacon!” … Brasil tenta o Método Petraeus … Drudge invents a sleazy new low, then sinks to it … Banks own the US government, reiterates Dean Baker … Guess who’s giving out golf tips to pros … The ugly glut of strip malls is just gonna get emptier … The coroner can correct the cause of death now … Rush Limbaugh and U2 (!) commiserate … A resolution supporting Iranian protests was opposed by one US lawmaker out of 406 … Paul Woodward wonders, are we revolutionary voyeurs? … I woulda said Phoenix, but this is underwater … A Blade Runner remake??? Perish the thought! … Someone’s glad McNamara’s in hellFour reasons why the mainstream media is worthless … Yes, the future of this country is in good hands, as long as they’re on a cell phone … George W. Bush, the first black president … “Turducken” made the OED … Is the story the pilot or the bomb? … Hall of Famer: Screw Sammy Sosa … Profile of a bullshit artist-for-hire … Meet the teenaged toddler … “I don’t believe in colleges and universities,” says a celebrated writer, “I believe in libraries” … Great moments in sucktitude … Any minute now, says the “FBI” … BESURETODRINKYOUROVALTINETHOMAS … Shameless and well-earned plug for my town’s number one claim to fame … And finally, Rush‘s legendary drummer Neil Peart is set to open Bubba’s Bar ‘n’ Grill; and oh yeah, bless him, he’s going to be a father again. ∞

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  1. What an awesome set of links, many of which I would never have seen otherwise.