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Tournament of Rock: Food Will Win the War vs. Rose Hill Drive

UPDATE: It was a close contest for awhile, but now Rose Hill Drive has started to open up a bit of a gap. It’s not too late, though – polls remain open until midnight tonight. Your vote decides who moves on to the semifinals.


In last week’s Tournament of Rock quarterfinal match we saw a close contest that was actually tied with just a few hours remaining. A late surge allowed Asobi Seksu to claim a 56%-44% victory over Black Mountain, however, and they now move on to the semifinals where they’ll face the winner of this week’s match. Congratulations to Black Mountain for an outstanding showing.

And now, let’s get this week’s quarterfinal match underway. First, from Boulder, Colorado, please welcome Rose Hill Drive. It’s no secret that RHD loves them some Led Zeppelin, but they don’t let that respect get in the way of forging their own hard-edged, yet tuneful sound.

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Their opponents, Brooklyn’s Food Will Win the War, pay homage to a different set of heroes, including everything from Nick Drake to Belle & Sebastian to The Velvet Underground. Not surprisingly, then, their music tends to be thoughtful and reflective, and their first-round performance suggests that they’ll be hard to beat.

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If you would, click to listen to these bands, then use the poll below to let us know who you’d like to see moving on.

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