Nota Bene #71

Since no one reads these posts aside from Russ and a handful of others, I’ve decided to include even more hot links from recent days. Enjoy!: The “spooky” world of quantum biology … “Krist, what have you done?” … No more shredded tweetPrince George has the last laugh … What’s interesting is that devolution happens even faster … “It was much better than Cats. I would see it again and again” … The Times they are a-spinnin‘… “One nation, under water, invisible…”; speaking of H2O, Luna and the Red Planet could use some Maldivian excess Boom boom boom boom … NIN can’t take the ninnies … “Books are normally sold in bookshops, not distributed like a polio vaccine” … Wet nightmare … The one and only time I’ve ever felt sorry for someone at Fox News … More clambaking: Don’t stare into his eyes for too long“Yes! We Have No Rodents” … Wuerkaixi: “Tiananmen is more and more becoming an inconvenience to the world, as the world is becoming more and more dependent on China” … So what, Daniel-san caught one with chopsticks … “Newt-nuzzling blister,” “deleterious slab of damnation” and 18 other insults from P. G. Wodehouse … Bruce Schneier says that “those entrusted with our privacy often don’t have much incentive to respect it”; Joanne Bamberger says, “Greed trumps regulation every time” … This shirt might shrink, might expand … “[H]ere is one obstinate holdout against the encroaching homogeneity of Clear Channel and all the other culprits of American sameness”; and here’s a mightier one, bless her heart … Roger Ebert says Bill O’Reilly is dangerous … “Oy gefilteredresults!” … Hacking the Pentagon … FYI, Spinal Tap and Captain America are back from the dead … This should bug the hell out of you … Bill Maher: “My hope is fading” on ObamaThis is a steal, and I’m not just talking about thiefed traffic … North Korea scores PR gold … Listen to recordings 150 years old; they’d apparently been stuck here all this time … A truly shocking survey from South Africa … Wade Boggs: Fuck you, cheaters … Failing newspapers won’t take too grim a toll on American culture, John Ibbitson observes; it might even mean more work for poets … Don’t just take these guys’ word for it, it really is OK to be gay … Happy 12 billionth birthday, life … As Mr. Dwight once sang, “Sorry seems to be the hardest word” … Here are the real losers in the switch to digital TV … Matt Taibbi on the impunity of the elected … For my Raider brethren: Ken Stabler says, “We gave ’em something to yell about in the ’70s”; Chucky recalls an incident that he’ll never forget as long as he lives … An
d finally, is your heart in the right place? ∞

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  1. Really? Nota Bene is one of my favorites, and i often rate my week of news on how many i managed to read before you pointed them out.

    Oh those Scientologists…making the Mormons and Witnesses look normal and staid.

  2. Since no one reads these posts aside from

    You had me going there for a minute. In truth, those who don’t follow Mike’s links don’t know what they’re missing.

    • I have no idea who does or doesn’t read NB, but I will say this. As a card-carrying Raider-Hater, I hope they start Russell. He may prove me wrong yet, but that looked like a stupid waste of a #1 pick at the time and nothing that’s happened so far has proven me wrong. He’s like Michael Vick – he can throw the ball through a brick wall. If he can HIT the brick wall, that is.

      I imagine he’s a better character guy than Vick, though.

      My Broncos, of course, have their QB issues taken care of for the next generation or so….

  3. I read it every week. I feel like an idiot for posting this though. If lack of feedback causes you to post more links, then I’m shooting myself in the foot by responding.

  4. Shut up, leave me alone!…

    That’s Rich Gannon for you.

    Also liked the expanding-shrinking universe shirt. Oh, and thanks for John Lee pic.

  5. Thanks for all the comments and support, folks. I was hoping to get some attention with that lead-in this week. In fact, I’ll be doing that every week to see if you can guess how I’m gonna finish the sentence once you click.

    Other notes & responses…

    Doc: Yeah, this is it for Russell. My hopes aren’t high.

    fikshun: LOL. Worry ye not, my lead-in was just larks.

    Russ: I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use my 2nd favorite JLH song (my 1st being “Whiskey & Wimmen”). And JLH, like SRV, was one picturesque blues dog.

    Lex & jeff: Many thanks.