What's It Wednesday

by Dawn Farmer

Guess this one…

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  1. Looks like a mast to me, sorta, although the actual design suggests something like what the Rigellian royal family uses for their luxury yachts. Definitely not terrestrial.

  2. It appears to be a device Ubertramp uses to remove irritants from his intestinal tract.

  3. I believe that Terry already got it with Wind Turbine. You can see the nosecone at the top of the picture.

  4. No moss on you all – it is indeed a wind turbine. I visited the Wild Horse Wild Farm late last summer. It was such an interesting experience. The wind farm also had an experimental solar panel array. The wind made much better economic sense for Washington State – in fact I think three new wind farms have been approved for that same county this year. Energy from wind is certainly one player in the move to get off foreign oil.

  5. Dr. Slammy, covering for the Rigellian royal family? Hmmmm,interstellar mast wind turbine technology been available for ages already. I’m sure I’ve never seen these luxury yachts you speak of…

  6. Doc Denny…I could have used one of those a few weeks ago. If I had one, I might not have ended up in the hospital with food poisoning. Damn the Talaarians and their genetic manipulation of perfectly harmless cows. Messin around with enzymes is a dirty business. Of course, it’s something I would expect from Lord Talaar MMCCXXXIIII. That whole family is messed up.

    I can see why Doc Slammy made his suggestion. This does look like a mast, and the Rigellians are certainly known for their exceptional (some would say obsessive) skill at sailing. But although their luxury yachts are certainly top of the line (pun intended), their racing yachts are without equal. Rich people on Earth may seem like they go nuts to race in the America’s Cup, spending millions on a single yacht. But the Rigellians take it several steps further, sometimes sinking the life savings of several generations in a single boat for a single race.

    When you think about it, their obsession with sailing is kind of odd. They are basically just squid. I personally believe they developed this obsession during one of their first attempts to take over the Earth several hundred years ago. Indeed, one story suggests that Lord Nelson himself kicked some Rigellian squid butt in his early days aboard the H.M.S. Victory. But, as I say, that may just be a story.

    However, I’m not sure this image is really a mast. I don’t believe that it is a turbine, as some have suggested, but I’m inclined to believe that it is weather related. As you might suspect, there are strong indications that the TI is concerned with global climate change (as, I’m sure, Brian could confirm). It’s all political hogwash, of course, but the TI needed another revenue source and the whole “green movement” offered a whole new industry to exploit.

    This “mast” is actually part of a weather station about 30 km from the geographic South Pole. More importantly, it’s part of a large scale, Earth-wide PR campaign. Telescoping out to about 100m tall, the “mast” measures everything from temperature and wind speed to CO2 content and radiation particle flux. Sometimes, to be extra dramatic for the Russian ITAR-TASS News Agency, they string up weather balloons for a few days before shooting them down with “extra terrestrial lasers” (really just a laser pointer and a Ruger 10/22 rifle).