Nota Bene #70

Hot links from recent days: Blade Runner prequels of sorts might be in the works … What’s to become of the Fed, Ezra Klein wonders … Soon to be the first zero-g divorce … “All the news I see fit to print” … Blues queen Koko Taylor is now jamming with Leadbelly and Stevie Ray … Don’t mention the war to Poland … Welcome back, stolen Renoir … Some GOPer says the greatest threat to the US is this … A rap classic marks 20 years … Switzerland gets all unneutrallike … “just give me the damn URLabout 1 play ago from K. Johnson … Robert Gibbs is in total control … Rush Limbaugh is The Underminer … Throw the bums out, says GorbachevGrape Nuts: two scoops of bullshit … Tiananmen’s Tank Man, 20 years on: A new angle; a photog remembers … RIP Geithner Plan, says Zandar … Are you still working class if you work for free? … Still has more atmosphere than all the strip malls combined … Han is gone … Gog, Magog and Dubya … “You can even say nice things about Ben Elton and I won’t mind too much” … BETELGEUSE Betelgeuse betelgeuse … One week in hell … Blink and you’ll miss No. 112 … “Obama is making us stupid” … Texas can teach us something? … Aficianados await RealDoll 2.0 … Religious nut triple shot: cults invading UN; lawmakers on Scientology payroll; moving pictures of the devil … Legendary rappers Chuck D and DMC reminisce in an ongoing series on hip hop and America: parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 … Where Congress goes to get hammered … The most massive black hole yet found is right in the neighborhood … Now here is a righteous scrapbook of madness … As coincidences go, this is extreme spiffy … “I had to live the life of an animal” … It’s been 25 years since Alexey Pajitnov created one of the most addictive games ever … The fortunes of GM now ride on a 31-year-old law school dropout … Two women “break all the rules” to help one little boy … Fine wine—from Iowa? … Behold the Jesus bugs … William Greider pans Wall Street’s “false armistice” … A hoopster for Yao Ming to look up to, literally … Terry Gilliam to work on Don Quixote again, with Johnny Depp … Check this shit out … And finally, speaking of cussing, the Quorum of Twelve wants to wash Starbuck‘s mouth out with soap. ∞

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