What's it Wednesday

by Dawn Farmer

Any ideas?

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  1. The opening of a wormhole–used by the TI in traveling between universes, of course. 😉

  2. I agree with Robin its a glass but I think it is an empty glass we are looking into.

  3. Something brass rotating at high speed?

    The interior of a tuba, which is being “swirled” and illuminated by an exceptionally bright light?

    A blender, in motion, containing milk and liquid chocolate?

    None of the above?

  4. Maybe a glass that’s half-empty. Or half-full. You can see the reflection of the camera and flash.

  5. glass, either one of those old Glass Electric Insulators
    or some sort of light bulb looking down?

  6. Whatever it is it looks cool and I hope Dawn posts a non closeup picture of what it is after all the guessing is over so we can compare perspectives. 🙂

  7. tarnished silver thing…teapot, dish

    Brian says older coffee pot bottom….oooo…wait…inside of a thermos or glass insulated caraf?

  8. Great guesses everyone! Adam is today’s big winner. It is the bottom of the carafe to the coffee pot.

    I’ll have to prove it to Rho though… I’ll post a different perspective in a bit.

    I hope you all have a lovely afternoon. 🙂

  9. Aha! I’m away for a week or so and Dawn is already trying to trick her audience into believing her pictures are of mundane objects. Good thing I’m back in time to correct the situation. That is clearly a photoshopped image. A close up that was cut and pasted into a regular old coffee cup. Hmmmm. You are going to have to try harder than that to fool me, Dawn.

    The close up is not the bottom of a coffee cup at all. In fact, it is the bottom of a Chalice. Specifically, Dawn’s Chalice of Denial. The Chalice is used in a number of different TI rituals, particularly those involving off-world sects within what is commonly referred to as the Universal Continuum. The warped surface suggests that this is a particularly old Chalice and has gone through dozens, if not hundreds, of Denial rituals.

    The Denial ritual is relatively simple in terms of spirituality, but complicated in terms of technology. It’s a cleansing ritual. Basically, compromised participants are required to “cleanse” themselves of outside interference. First, if possible, non-TI sanctioned evidence of the existence of the TI is collected. If the evidence cannot be collected, then a detailed plan of how the compromised individual will go about collecting (and/or conclusively denying the existence of) the evidence is drawn up. Then, the evidence and/or plan are placed into the Chalice. Thereafter, through technology I do not yet understand, a pico-singularity (i.e. a tiny black hole) is momentarily generated within the Chalice, thereby destroying the evidence.

    I suspect this ritual has been performed on a number of my What’s it Wednesday reports. This latest photoshopped image is likely part of Dawn’s proposed plan to destroy my credibility. Perhaps in collaboration with Doc Slammy. Hmmmmm. This suggests my recent visit to his abode in Colorado was no mere coincidence. Perhaps Ronan’s mild manner in my presence was an attempt to win me over to the cause. I must contemplate this.

  10. Ubertramp, it’s wonderful to have you back with us… try to trick you all – would I do that? I just present the evidence photos. You all decide what you see in them.

    Pico-singularity might be too strong for the chalice, optical camouflage might be all that is needed to have things disappear. I mean of course if such things existed at all… just saying.

    Ronan will have to speak for himself. 🙂

  11. The “cup” is plastic or pewter and has a handle, so that would eliminate something like an electrical insulator. Further there are scratches on the “face/bottom” which indicates both use and the impossibility of being something impermanent like spun sugar or fat. If it were industrial glass it would not be so interesting in irregularity.

    One is therefore inclined to think it is a hand blown glass vessel with a pewter handle and rim. and the funny shaped blob in the middle has the definite look of a pontil mark as well.

    As there is still a lot of pewter made and glass with pontil marks made that would not make one insist ii is antique, but the fact that they are rarely done together these days and the scratches on the bottom would suggest that it is rather old.

  12. FreeDem – scratches on the bottom would suggest that it is rather old – or the fact that whilst in the sink my son filled it with forks and other cutlery objects. 🙂

    Stonefrog – been quite some time since I’ve been in the vicinity of a church offering plate… us heathens live out here in the NW. 🙂

  13. I forgot that in the Pacific NW there are a lot of glassblowers, so indeed it might be more recent.
    As a glass blower myself I am somewhat of a connoisseur of Pontil Marks as I made very clean ones somewhat of a fetish, though I lost a lot of glass because they are very tender that way. Others are less concerned, and still others develop ways to avoid the need altogether.

    But mixed media like that would seem very unusual. You need to show us more views.