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Tournament of Rock: Paul Steel vs. Gogol Bordello

UPDATE: Paul Steel has opened up a nice cushion, leading Gogol Bordello by 74%-26%. Plenty of time for you to listen and vote, though – polls close Thursday at midnight.


In the first quarterfinal match-up, England’s IAMX handily dispatched American Pop Undergrounders The Well Wishers by an 87%-13% margin. Frankly, we expected a closer contest, but the tribe has spoken. Congrats to Jeff Shelton and The Well Wishers for a fine showing, and we’ll be looking forward to the next CD. Chris Corner and IAMX now await a semifinal date with the winner of this week’s match.

Up first, 20 year-old UK Power Pop prodigy Paul Steel, who defeated Adele in round 1. In that contest voters seemed drawn to Steel’s accomplishes sense of tunecraft and upbeat energy. Will that be enough in rd 2?

Listen: MySpace / Last.FM

His opponent, Gogol Bordello, made short work of Epsilon-Zero in rd. 1 with an vibrant, multicultural swirl of immigrant Gypsy Punk. Adults were intrigued and children danced around the room, so energy won’t be a problem for them.

Listen: MySpace / Lala / Last.FM / eMusic

Click the links to listen, then log your vote in the poll below:

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Polls close at midnight Thursday, 6/12.

The current, updated bracket looks like this:

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