Nota Bene #69

Hot links from recent days: Spiritual experiences might just be in your head … AMC will remake Patrick McGoohan’s classic The Prisoner TV series, with Ian McKellen … Those with the least to give, give the most … He’s been gone a while, but the heartache over his untimely loss remains. Jeff Buckley remembered … The first one will say, “If you forward this to XII other Cives Romani, a little bird will walk across your scroll” … Sam Raimi tortures for your pleasure … And whattaya know, a Walgreens was there … Iggy Pop has heard the music of the afterlifeHow Max Blumenthal got gassed in the West Bank … This week’s Things That Will Never Happen in America™: prison closures … What could possibly make Eminem laugh for three hours straight? … Cylons dig Ray Kurzweil … A triple serving of Taibbi: damn the news biz; what does it take to get discredited as a righty moralizer; and the weirdest conspiracy theory everThe Hill has 20 questions for Amy Poehler … A chicken-shit asteroid misses Earth … The “clusterfucky relationship” twixt Politico and Drudge reaches new heights … Author Manuel Ramos lists 5 damned good reasons why it’s great to be a Chicano in Denver and whips out some ficción rápida to boot … Green Day: Fuck you, Wal-Mart … An astrophysicist on the campaign trail … Megababe Megan Fox says she’s kind of a prostitute … Ed Wallace on the great ethanol scam … The sad fate of Annie Leibovitz … A Watergate burglar has bugged his last office … Wonder why it took so long: the marriage of GWAR and pro wrestling … Chris Anderson believes in freemium … Now why would Madonna unload this masterpiece? … Burmese democracy without Aung San Suu Kyi is “impossible” … Punk icon Exene Cervenka has MS … A war reporter says war reporters are on their own … Trent Reznor sizes up Marilyn Manson … Nobody really gives a shit that Jay Leno’s gone … Roger Waters: Tear down this wall! … And finally, Cindy Sheehan cooks Raw Story. ∞

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  1. Another outstanding bunch of articles. I’ll just focus on the McClatchy piece about the poor giving more than the rich. Especially this:

    What makes poor people’s generosity even more impressive is that their giving generally isn’t tax-deductible, because they don’t earn enough to justify itemizing their charitable tax deductions. In effect, giving a dollar to charity costs poor people a dollar while it costs deduction itemizers 65 cents.

    In Manhattan, where I work, I can’t tell for sure what their income level is, but just about the only people I see who give money to homeless people on the street are members of minority groups.