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Tournament of Rock: IAMX vs. The Well Wishers

UPDATE: As of Thursday evening IAMX has a wide lead over The Well Wishers. However, due to a technical glitch that we’re still trying to sort out, the poll seems to have closed itself a day or two early, and we just now caught the problem. So we’re going to extend the voting through Saturday. If you haven’t voted yet, please listen and register your opinion below.

Sorry for the confusion.


In last week’s final first-round match, Food Will Win the War defeated North Carolina funk-rockers Doco by a score of 71%-29%. Congratulations to FWWtW, and best wishes to our friends in Doco, whose star continues to rise.

Today we kick off the quarter-finals. Our first contestant is IAMX, which defeated Animal Collective in round 1. IAMX also has a brand new CD, The Kingdom of Welcome Addiction, and it’s fantastic.

Listen: MySpace / Last.FM / Lala / eMusic

Their opponents, The Well Wishers, defeated the immensely popular Andrew Bird in round 1. Front man Jeff Shelton, formerly of The Spinning Jennies, is a proven wizard at turning at tune, and their last disc, Jigsaw Days, was one of 2008’s best.

Listen: MySpace / Last.FM / Lala / eMusic

If you’re new to the Tournament, here’s how it works. Click the links above to listen to the bands, then register your preference in the poll below. Whoever logs the most votes moves on to the semi-finals, where they’ll meet the winner of next week’s throwdown between Paul Steel and Gogol Bordello. We’d also appreciate it if you’d help us spread the word about these great artists, because that’s really all the ToR is about – promoting the music.

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Updated Tournament bracket:

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