What's it Wednesday

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  1. I dunno. But it triggers my trypophobia. Yes, I really suffer from a fear of small, clustered holes, as do many. But not to a crippling extent.

  2. My impression is sea sponge of the siliceous varieties, not Venus basket but in that direction., though the bottom of a variety of mushroom works as well. The black round thingies and what looks like sea grass indicates the former (unless it is a pine needle and not sea grass)

  3. Aha! A cross-section of Ubertramp’s brain extracted during his most recent kidnapping by aliens.

  4. Russ – for real, I’d never heard of trypophobia. Lotus pods must set you on edge. I’m glad it’s not crippling – that would be bad.

    Maureen is very close and FreeDem spotted the pine needle, so it’s not coral. It is the bottom of some huge funky mushroom that grows in our backyard. Even the animals leave it alone so it must be nasty.

    As to our lovely friend Ubertramp – only he can verify the comments regarding his brain! 🙂 Maybe he is in the presence of aliens as we speak? Hard to know.

  5. Sorry gang. I’m at a conference in Colorado this week with no easy access to the internet. The image on my phone isn’t big enough for me to see the details. :-/ From what little I could see, it looked like the inside of someone’s stomach.

  6. the scale is difficult to judge. The Pine needle would be very much smaller than sea grass, so a dime in the image also would have given it away. So what are the black thingies? Critter eggs? Seeds?

    The size would suggest eggs, and perhaps something able to eat the mushroom. If you are near this guy perhaps he could tell you.

  7. FreeDem – wow, that link leads you to all things mushroom! The mushrooms in the backyard get to be about 4 or 5 inches across – with many that are smaller. I don’t know this – but suspect they are related to the root fungus that most of the urban Douglas Fir trees have in the PNW. I do not know what the black things are – could even be dirt I guess. 🙂

  8. You can buy edible mushroom starters from him for some that get 2feet across. I believe he is in the Pacific Northwest so knows best that ecology and might even have a solution. I am experimenting with 5 of his species including that giant one.

  9. FreeDem – Are you growing yummy mushrooms for food or just playing with them to learn more about them as a plant? Have fun with them!

  10. Food is the goal, with ideas of eventually extra income from yummy mushrooms, however the process needs stronger more energetic folk than this disabled oldster, still there is always the yummy mushrooms from what I did.

  11. hi dawn: great shot of what i initially thought was fan coral. i checked out the fungi perfecti link freedem left. what is interesting is yesterday i spent quite a bit of time on TED after Synchronicity tossed me a link to the talk given by the guy that runs the site of all things mushrooms. He gave an amazing talk on 6 ways mushrooms can save the world…

    if you watch it keep your

  12. eyes sharp at about 3:20 and then go watch George Smoot On the design of the universe at about 7:05 and about 11:00 and then remember when you’ve seen one of the nova animations of the structure of the brain’s dendritic and axonal entanglement and see if the largest organism on earth, the structure of the universe and of our brain are not highly similar to the point of eerieness… i guess universe prefers known patterns…