Nota Bene #68

Hot links from recent days: Rush is not the quintessential Canadian band, this group is—so says Rush’s Alex Lifeson, eh … High on Ayahuasca in the Peruvian jungle … “If there was anybody who should have avoided the mortgage catastrophe, it was I” … The comedy writing business is no joke … The NFL and the law simply will not let go of the racist “Redskins” moniker. Chris Rock was rightDick Cheney, literary lightweight … On June 11, an important meet will occur: a summit with four Jewish fathers of punk … Kids’ products made in China are unsafe—says China … Michael Roston wonders if Tom Friedman is bankrupting the Gray Lady … A $232 million lottery ticket was sold in a town called Winner … Roger Ebert trashes the inevitable decline of IMAX … Beware the News-luminati … The “bulletproof” Robert Gates … In the hallowed tradition of great late night hosts, from Jack Paar to David Letterman, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel trashes his own network … Sean Askay creates an incredible map of fallen soldiers … And so the Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg was sunk, and it was a good thing … Nell Scovell cracks the Cheney code … Happy birthday to two humor heroes of mine: Adam Carolla and Chris Elliott … Freedom is worth the security risks, argues Leonard Pitts, Jr. … Metallica, Celtic harp-style … Tom Hayden rues the silence of MoveOn … Andy Richter may be a “big fat dildo,” but so what—we’re glad he’s back with Conan … Can’t wait for National Fist Bump Day! … Rock stars in the larval stage … And finally, a match made in hell: Michelle Bachmann, comic book. ∞

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  1. Wow. Cheney stumping for Guantanamo makes more sense now. I figured he was trying to improve his legacy or that Haliburton supplied Guantanamo with with various contract services. But thanks to Nota Bene, I now can’t help but feel he was just trying to raise his profile and create some relevance to improve his chances at a memoir deal.

  2. That may be the best batch of NBs yet. To choose one, Roger Ebert’s about the new watered-down IMAX — he makes a compelling case for Maxivision. Something’s gotta be done. I avoid movie theatres ’cause the screens are so much worse than my high-def TV (even though it’s not high-end).