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Tournament of Rock: Doco vs. Food Will Win the War

UPDATE: In the last day or Food Will Win the War has surged ahead of Doco by a 73%-27% margin, which leads us to suspect that FWWtW fans have discovered the majesty of ToR. The question now is whether Doco loyalists will strike back. We’ll know soon – polls close at midnight Thursday. Listen and get your votes in…


In last week’s match, Boulder’s Rose Hill Drive eliminated Antony & the Johnsons by a margin of 62%-38%. We’re not sure if this is an upset or not since A&tJ have a much higher international profile, but congratulations to both bands for a fine showing. RHD moves on to round 2, where they’ll face the winner of this week’s contest.

Our first contestant, from Raleigh, NC, please welcome the very hip, rootsy blues/punk/funk of Doco.

Listen: MySpace

Their opponents, hailing from Brooklyn, the introspective, acoustic-tinged indie pop of Food Will Win the War.

Listen: MySpace

Please give these bands a listen, then use the poll below to tell us who you’d like to see move on to round 2.

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Current ToR bracket:

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  1. Fortunately Doco is a strong enough band that I wasn’t forced to face an ethical dilemma in voting for it. Like it a lot. Food Will Win the War intrigues as well.

  2. I went with Food, they were more interesting. Doco is too “jam bandish” for me.

    • Doco is jam bandish, no doubt. But they can play. Trevor Booth is one of the best guitarists at his age I’ve ever heard.