Nota Bene #67

Hot links from recent days: Rush can begin working on Cygnus X-1, Book III … Why can’t we fire the boss? … Alexei Sayle rues the passing of the fax era … The old energy lobbies are very stubborn, says Ralph Nader … “Pakistan? PAKISTAN? You’re going to Pakistan?” … Dead men tell no tales? No necesariamente … Tweets—In—SPAAAAACE! … Reality, at least in the blogosphere, has a liberal bias, argues Nate Silver … Enjoy the oddities at Kris Straub’s chainsawsuitNapoleon Bonaparte and dragonfly species Sympetrum dilatatum have something in common, besides extinction … Proto-gremlins? … This shocking information should be printed out and given to all … Ironman gives a car a pretty big dent … We could go to Mars right now, if we wanted to … The “Most Dangerous Man in Washington” goes on The View … Forget a WNBA expansion team in Riyadh … Imagine a crust stronger than steel, and I’m not talking about day-old slices of Domino’s … This could totally kick Asgard … Have scientists figured out the chemistry that sparked the beginning of life on Earth? … I probably wouldn’t notice this, either … A bodybuilding contest I could have easily won … Space makes you smarter, notes Ivan Semeniuk … Senator: Hey, the CIA lies to me, too … A mother lode of antimatter at the center of the Milky Way could power deep space travel … Audit the Federal Reserve, says hotshot freshman lawmaker Alan Grayson … The earliest Eve yet? … There’s plenty of blame to go around for the recession, says Matt Taibbi … A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galax-ies … If the thought of Matt Drudge in jail piques your interest, read on … Marilyn Manson continues to inspire the kids … Probing Somalia analysis—from Cartman and company … Mike Tyson continues his comeback … AC/DC gets a noise complaint, from 12 miles away … And finally, Sean Hannity is next on Jesse Ventura’s waterboarding list. ∞

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  1. I just found out Mike Tyson’s daughter is in “extremely critical” condition after a treadmill accident at home. One report says she’s already died. I feel terrible… despite his troubles, I have been a longtime devoted fan of Tyson and was happy to see his life changing for the better. Iron Mike, you’re in my thoughts.