Nota Bene #66

Hot links from recent days: Roger Ebert does not fear death … Pepe Escobar deconstructs Obama-as-Bush: Part 1, Part 2 … Want to buy a screenplay? John Gorenfeld is selling one … Blacks must confront their homophobia, insists Leonard Pitts, Jr. … Despite everything, William Greider is bullish on the future of the American Dream … Hey kids, be the envy of the blogosphere by purchasing a brief internship at The Chutzpahffington Post! Get your parents’ permission first … Arab-American comedians are finally gaining acceptance, Dean Obeidallah happily reports … A bogus quote on the Internet spreading like an STD? No way, man! … Just a little FYI, the recession is over … An elected official says Newt Gingrich is either a dumbass or a flunky for communists, or perhaps both … Diamonds are forever, as will be the monthly payments for this hunk of carbon … Begun the energy wars have … The stereotype of the single American mom is bogus, a new report reveals … Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament: Hey I, I’m still alive … Alaska, Nevada, Wyoming and Utah are the manliest states, but not in the way you’re probably thinking … 200 new nuclear power plants may be needed just to power your fancypants electrical gadgets by 2030 … “Real Deal” is heading to Africa to help AIDS victims … Omnipotent Poobah writes that everyone is either laughing or crying about the demise of the Cirque du Nitwits … Hubble Shmubble—Behold Herschel and Planck … Chucky fans rejoice: Jon Gruden joins Monday Night Football … Iman’s a great beauty, but … Power to the people, but this effort, sadly, may suffer the same fate as Atahualpa … This week’s Sound Business Solution™: You too can help the US auto industry by buying GM’s Chinese-made cars … Shashank Bengali’s African eating safari starts here, continues here … Speaking of culinary delights, a journey of a thousand—well, 48—meals begins with a single sammich … Matt Taibbi rips a curious apologist … And finally, Jesse Ventura wants a waterboard, Dick Cheney, and one hour. ∞

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