What's it Wednesday

by Dawn Farmer

All yours

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  1. Whoa again! My initial reaction was “Wow. That’s an amazing northern, snowy landscape. Are those northern lights hovering over the horizon?”

    And then realized, uh, no.

    Anyway: it’s a cardboard box that’s been duct-taped shut and now the taped seam has been torn open.

  2. My first thought had actually been cardboard, but I’m going to stick with (uh, pun actually unintended) duct tape: the torn end of a roll.

  3. I’ll wait for the official edict by Pecault. I’m sure you’re all wrong.

  4. Oh. Now I see. Yes, it is the roll of tape itself, not tape-on-cardboard.

    But, hey, I’m groovin’ on my northern lights landscape!

  5. @Maureen,
    So, Dawn traveled all the way to the North Pole just to set up this shot! Pretty cool!

    You’re right, of course, but I’m sure he enjoys seeing our bumbling, unenlightened attempts to penetrate the mysteries. 😀

  6. I’m sticking with “duck” even though the OED is not definitive on whether duck or duct came first. But as it was first made from cotton duck, that makes more sense to me. Besides, it’s against code to use the stuff on duct work…and for good reason: it dries out and cracks badly when heated.

  7. Duct tape, schmuck tape. Pshah!

    You all keep forgetting that Dawn has access to a warp drive and frequently goes on weekend jaunts to visit our extra-solar neighbors. You also keep forgetting what I’ve already explained. My work is never done, it seems.

    On April 8th, I explained how the TI is working with biomaterials from the waste products of cultured bacteria. And that each layer is instills a different material characteristic (e.g. flexibility, tensile strength, conductivity, etc). I also mentioned that one of the less complex materials generated through this method is used for the hull of your basic starship.

    This is clearly a picture of the exoskeleton of Dawn’s starship. The “ridgeline” in the image is a section of the hull where the biomaterials buckled and fractured. The “ridge” is actually a semi-solid metallic that is designed fill in microfractures from internal reservoirs, thereby maintaining environmental containment.

    Based on the damage, she was probably pulling about 25 Gs and if she didn’t have gravity dampeners within the ship, she’d be boneless jelly by now. Since the left side of the “ridge” appears to be melted, we can assume that Dawn’s been experimenting a bit too casually with solar sailing. I’m guessing she got a little too close to the sun while releasing a proton sail or kite and got tagged by an unpredictable solar particle event (i.e. solar flare).

    I know that some members of TI can be a bit crazy when they let loose, but seriously, Dawn, you really should be a bit more careful.

  8. I told ya all to wait until ‘Tramp chimed in. I am now enlightened. I jes knew it weren’t that ducky tape stuff.

  9. Hey Dawn,

    Could you do an archive of all the What’s it Wednesdays starting with the week long precursor you did and tag it at the top of the S&R page, kind of like Denver is?

    That way we can all have the full collection of Ubertramp wisdom at hand.


  10. You all brighten my day! Thanks.

    Due to insurance reasons I am not able to confirm that part about the 25Gs and the torn solar sail… it would appear I was foolish. It does explain why my knees hurt today (I thought it was my run on Tuesday…)

    Should I wrap them in duct tape? 🙂

    Maureen – super powers would be great – I have a friend who lives at North Pole, Alaska. I could zip on up for a visit. She photographs the Northern Lights – are they cool. One day…

    Rho – perhaps we can ask the higher powers for a tag – like those to the right. I’d be happy to re-tag them for easy reference.

    Ubertramp – I don’t think the TI has any plans for your disappearance. You have a fan base here that desire your collective wisdom. 🙂 Thanks for playing along…

  11. Dawn, that’s exactly what I’m afraid of. If any unsympathetic members of TI find out I’m describing their secrets to the general public, there may be dire consequences. 🙂

  12. Considering Dawn’s recent adventures, I believe it’s time for a public service announcement.

    If anyone ever asks you where SPEs come from, send them this.

    Or, if you want to be a little more hip…

  13. Ubertramp – here’s hoping the un-fun TI stay away then – maybe the posts can be specially cloaked to resemble tuna noodle casserole recipes, or other such gross earth food items. No one would think to look there…

    meanwhile chemical party!

  14. That was freakin hysterical. But how come the only black guy in the video was carbon?. Of course, everyone loves carbon. Must be the bling (get it? carbon = diamonds. bah, nevermind).