Nota Bene #65

Hot links from recent days: Jamal Dajani describes the new terror in the Middle East … Finally, a good reason for women to dig NASCAR … Is it possible to build a culture of trust in politics? Joe Brewer thinks so … Ayn Rand’s ideal man? … Europe: Hubble shmubble … Sojourner Truth honored in Washington at last … The GOP is OOT, writes Bob Herbert … Remember the times when we kids could play outside all day long and not come home till dark? Bring ’em back, says this momPaul Woodward on the greatest single existential threat to Israel … Attempts to save salmon may be futile … Justice in progress: Obama proposes $1.2 billion settlement for black farmers. Might the BIA be on notice? … Dragons, dwarves, golden hoards, and lots of drinking: no, it’s not a larper convention, it’s newly published works by Tolkien … Ezra Klein wonders, can local bloggers replace local news coverage? … Secrets of a monster wave … Best news channel in the world? The BEAST opines … Toss your berets in the air, the cheese war has ended … The $328,000 photo that spooked the Big Apple … With some shark species completely gone in the Caribbean, I’m not so sure word of this should be getting out … Rupert Murdoch: Brilliant business visionary or embittered, greedy prick? I report, you decide … This is almost certainly the only time NB will ever link to something about Miley … Never let Yahoo! forget this … Next up for layoffs: the National Guard … Matt Taibbi doesn’t like Fish … Van Gogh and Beethoven arrested in Florida … And finally, Conan O’Brien hates computer nerds. ∞

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  1. What a diverse (note how I sidestepped that overused adjective “eclectic”) set of links.

    Re the Lenore Skenazy interview: Yeah, those free-range days we grew up in seem so long ago. She writes:

    But it feels so completely different, and we’re told that it’s completely different, and frankly, when I tell people that it’s the same, nobody believes me. We’re living in really safe times, and it’s hard to believe.

    I think it was those milk cartons what did it.

  2. To be more exact about free-range kids, I think, without reading the book, that what killed them off — the practice, that is, not the kids — was when the murders of John Walsh’s son and, in New York City, Etan Patz, got so much publicity. It further fueled the already existing national hysteria about crime.

    Panic about child-care centers abusing kids was another symptom of that hysteria.