Nota Bene #64

Hot links from recent days: Sad news as Undercover Black Man calls it quits … What could AIG, Esquire and Saturn Corporation possibly have in common? Douglas A. McIntyre will tell you … Nothing like a little Zeppelin to stave off a plague … He didn’t choose his ghosts—they chose him … India’s first porn star? … One unlikely NFL draft pick has got something to prove; so do the Yankees … Viruses as human ally? … Fortunately, Baldrick will not be getting his hands on the last Nabokov … The Peace Gnome doubles his efforts … Asteroid, shmasteroid—something else did in the dinos, new evidence suggests … Business journos confess their news sins … Good luck keeping up with this Flickr account … Justice awaits for black farmers and lost Sioux tribes … Take the plunge—into a virtual black hole … An $11,000 guitar lesson … They will torture again, A. Whitney Brown warns … Drinking water treated with lithium? … Crooks and liars in Congress—for real … A visible relic from the young universe … Tina Dupuy might owe Lynndie England an apology … Mark Ames was there when the Class War went down … One entertainment legend is gone at 52, another is still kickin’ at 90 … And finally, if you loved Vince Shlomi’s nuts, you’re gonna love his SwineWow. ∞

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