What's it Wednesday

by Dawn Farmer

I saw a couple of different things in this week’s image…

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  1. Swiss cheese, sitting on top of … synthetic blue skin. The technology was provided by the D’nalnori of Planet 15 in Contested Zone. We, or at least a contingent from the Illuminati, struck a deal with them in return for small arms. Who knew our shoulder-mounted rocket launchers would be so effective against their Chlaxian menace?

  2. Fikshun,

    Sorry to poke holes in your theory but while you are right about the synthetic blue skin the white mass is obviously a cross section from a Chlaxian postmortem after its encounter with a shoulder launched rocket. As an initiate I expected better of you,

  3. While those are interesting theories, and may actually be correct, I believe that both of you are ignoring a very important bit of information. Specifically, the fact that Friday is May 1st. Or, to use the vernacular of the TI and many other Earth based belief systems, Beltane.

    These are clearly eggshells, the shattered remains of symbol co-opted by the borg-like religion known as modern Christianity.

    That’s not to say that the Chlaxian’s were not involved. As I recall, the Chlaxians are a mammalio-reptilian race, correct? And as such, their young are incubated in egg clutches, much like the platypus of Earth. While the TI are generally against using the young of pseudo-intelligent races for the purposes of ceremonial sacrifice, I have heard that certain off world sects do prize the Chlaxian shells for their bright blue color and often reassemble the shells post-hatch. As noted previously, blue is a very important color for the TI.

    Indeed, this theory might explain why these shells are sitting in a white liquid. The corrugated nature of the container (see the left side of the picture) likely ensures a minimal use of adhesives on the edges of the shells. Once the shells are painstakingly reassembled, they are often decorated, not unlike those of the Russian artist, Peter Carl Faberge. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised of Faberge is also a member of the TI.

  4. I see mushrooms, or maybe what i’m seeing is because of mushrooms.

    More realistically i’m going to say Easter egg shell pieces with some strange lighting.

    And so it was that I, a wayward throwback to the Mesozoic, was enslaved as a circus freak to entertain you drunken monkeys. But Fate still had her twisted sense of humor and she granted me safe passage to sunny Florida, where for over the past 300 years now I have been breeding with an unheard of efficiency. And soon my progeny will rise up and say “Hail Draco, king of the dragon men!” ~Neil Fallon

  5. Sorry it took me so long to reply – many Earth duties filled my day.

    I see you all have figured out the true nature of the image, so you would likely not be fooled by a lame attempt to say it looks like a swiss cheese pansy flower.

    By the way, did you know that the Platypus is venomous? I’m not able to fully share with you the experimentation involved with their venom – but it it was a trade off in the evolutionary process. They had to be compensated in some way for taking all the left over designs.

    Until next week…

  6. A pansy? What the heck did you do to it? Freeze it in liquid nitrogen and drop it off the Space Needle? I swear it looks cracked.

  7. Now there’s the S&R publicity stunt…

    I’ve got access to the pansies, Dawn’s got the space needle, liquid nitrogen anyone? Ubertramp? I suppose we need someway to get above the space needle…details.

  8. @Ubertramp,
    I think you may actually be missing the forest for the trees; I initially saw “eggshells” at first as well. Try to refocus and see the blue as being underneath, not on top.

  9. No matter what it is (I like the idea of pansies, liquid nitrogen and the Space Needle), it looks like an abstract image of Earth seen from space. VERY cool.

  10. The ideas keep coming – Maureen – the earth from space – right on.

    Interesting that some of you see the blue and some see the swiss cheese. Maybe an S&R Rorschach Test?

  11. I also initially saw the blue on top. Before I could make out the grooves in the swiss cheese, I thought it was some item made of denim, bunched up and soaking in parafin. It reminded me of making batik pillows in junior high art class.

  12. I completely missed the Swiss cheese foreground. What an optical coup, Dawn.