Seven names

by Dawn Farmer

On 9 September 1944 seven people penned their names to a sheet of paper in hopes of being remembered. Sixty years later builders working near the site of Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp discovered this precious message in a bottle.

We know the names of the evil ones, but for today we know seven other names, six from Poland one from France. Let us honor that request to be remembered.

Bronislaw Jankowiak
Stanislaw Dubla
Jan Jasik
Waclaw Sobczak
Karol Czekalski
Waldemar Bialobrzeski
Albert Veissid

As of today only Mr. Veissid has been found and contacted. He lives in France. It is known that Sobczak and Czekalski survived the death camp. Nothing is known of the other four.

The story is reported by the BBC and further information about the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum is available here.

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  1. To the 7 men who endure such cruelty, I admire your bravery to perserve your name. I am very sorry that the recovery of the bottle brought back such painful memories. Know that seeing the bottle the second time means that your life is the failure of hitler’s plan. Be proud that your testomony and survival represents the defeat over Nazi Germany.
    Anyone who have survived or died inimaginal acts of cruelty deserves the respect and all the blessings this life and the next that is to offer. God Bless.

  2. I received a letter from my cousin Waldemar Bialobrzeski from New York city, sometimes in 1970.
    In his letter he informed me that he escaped Poland and swam through British canal and was picked up by the British Authorities. Eventually end up in New York. I have no further information since.
    Edwin Bialobrzeski, 3127 W. Manitoba St. Milwaukee, WI 53215