Nota Bene #63

Hot links from recent days: “I breastfeed my dad” … Station’s merger with Fox costs Denver its Cinco de Mayo parade … Damn those Mayans and their calendar! … Jeff Huber on sticker shock and awe … Imagine, if you will, an all-female society that reproduces by cloning … David Broder on Obama’s first 100 days … Ye olde medieval astronomie … Bill O’Reilly meets his match … Speaking of simple forms of life, slime molds surprise scientists … Lost Benjamin Franklin letters discoveredEarth II: Electric Boogaloo … Nate Silver: When hope’s the enemy of change … Arbor Day links: Lost forests of America; forest fighters of Peru; how does climate change affect trees? … “My bullied son’s last day on Earth” … Breakthrough could shrink computer chips … James Dobson: Forget family, let’s focus on the Beltway … Time for a new theory of gravity? … Paul Woodward on power, humiliation and torture … Tons of released drugs taint US water … Sy Hersh breaks a sad new story … The “Achilles’ heel” of aging … South Africa’s at a crossroad, writes Shashank Bengali … Aiming for 800 MPH—on land … Drudge goes into hiding … Afghanistan’s first national park … A Tampa kid’s pitched 4 straight no-hitters; he goes for no. 5 tomorrow … Andy Worthington’s terrible truths about CIA torture memos … The Sun is the dimmest it’s been in a century … Famed legal scholar doubts his faith in the free market … Female anchors pan the Fox-ification of MSNBC … Gen. Petraeus: What I learned in Iraq and how it will help me become president … The US and China signed billions in business deals today … Sean Penn applauds a president tough enough to smile … Neil Jackson discusses peak oil with Dr. Colin Campbell … And its father smelt of elderberries … Would Reagan share today’s Republican obsession with gay marriage? … Space-based solar power is coming … Obama governs, Drudge screams, everybody wins, says Steve Kornacki … A black hole spewing water vapor? … The general who probed Abu Ghraib says Bush officials guilty of war crimes … Gitmo torture memos—for kids! … And finally, if you’re craving grilled meats and quality footrubs, step on over to Jones’ Good Ass BBQ. ∞

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