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Our favorites, that is.

To your left on our home page is our somewhat, uh, quirky blog roll. We’ll now endeavor to attribute the listings to specific Scholars & Rogues staff members and add their other personal favorites. Some are just listed; others, annotated, as well. Remember: Blogs only — no websites, as such, allowed.

Ann Ivins:
Go Fug Yourself: Pure unadulterated (and funny) bitchiness on one of my favorite topics: fashion.
PhotoShop Disasters: Where reality meets Photoshop meets insanity.

Dawn Farmer:
Opening the door, walking outside: A 365-day blogging promise to spend time each day in the great outdoors. This blog belongs to a woman in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. On Solstice night, December 21, 2008 she made a commitment to spend some time outside every day for a year. True to her word she has shared with her readers her daily adventures. We have through words and images experienced the beauty of snow, the promise of the thaw and the wonders of the natural environment surrounding her home. Kathy is a storyteller as well. Woven into her encounters are personal moments and experiences that bring to life the objects she finds on her excursions. Kathy’s blog is soul satisfying and her love of the natural world is infectious.
Baseball Nerd
Extra Bases

Sam Smith:
Ian Welsh
Square State

Lex Koltowicz:
The eXile: Does it count? [As a blog? By the skin of its teeth. — RW] I’ve got a solid decade of reading history with [founder/editor Mark] Ames at this point.
Newshoggers: I check it out on a regular basis after “getting to know” [founder/editor] Steve Hynd.
Electric Politics: Of late i’ve been reading and really like it.
The Agonist: I’m a pretty hardcore Agonista.

Mike Sheehan:
48 Feasts
Abandoned Places
Crooks and Liars
Destination: Out
GoodShit (NSFW!)
Industrial Decay
La Bloga
Mr. Cargo
Somewhere in Africa
Think Progress
This is your paradise.
Undercover Black Man

Russ Wellen:
From my Google Reader. . .
American Footprints and Progressive Realist: Two top foreign-policy blogs both edited by Eric Martin. The second is more of an aggregator.
Newshoggers: Nobody is as on top of foreign affairs as Steve Hynd and crew. They really do hog all the news!
War in Context: Possibly, without intending to be or realizing it is, the best foreign-policy aggregator going. Founded and edited by Paul Woodward.
Ultimate Giant: Forget the New York media — this is the most in-depth coverage of the New York football Giants.

I read and enjoy many more blogs, as well as websites.

We invite readers to submit their own favorite blogs (including their own) — of any stripe — in the comments section.

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  1. Thank you for your very kind words, Lex and Russ. S&R has been on Newshoggers blogroll for a while now. We all enjoy the mix of subjects and authors here.

    Regards, Steve

  2. Thanks fellahs…you just made my daily reading list longer. I will have a life someday. And I appreciate the spot on your fine roll, too.

    And Steve, I agree –great blog.


  3. Dawn, thanks…i’d much rather read Olbermann on baseball than listen to him talk politics. (Even if he is a Yankee’s fan)