Nota Bene #62

Hot links from recent days: Richard Wright gets his own stamp … Matt Taibbi rips America’s peasant mentality … How do you spell “greedy bastards?” X-C-E-L … Up next: Michael Vick, the Musical … Porn queen Marilyn Chambers eulogized—by her onetime running mate … The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Dodd … Obama brings the Dead back to life … David Lee Roth said it best: Might as well jump. Too bad he didn’t take Neil with him … A more fitting version of the “Hand of God” … Time to start paying for online news, says Nate AndersonFifty-one of the bastards, then she rubbed some in her eyes … Now in the running for Father of the Year … Here’s one good thing about the recession … The Paraguayan version of Father Ted‘s Bishop Brennan … Celebrating 50 years of stupid grammar advice … Search is on for the solar system’s “lost planet” … They found 99? … No peace of mind yet for Gwen Bradshaw, decades after being burned—by her mother … This woman dived 314 feet—with a single breath … America is not a Christian nation, argues Michael Lind … Alexander Zaitchik describes an environmental battle on the Irish coast … Could this be the 51st state? … Ben Affleck says he may start a blog and reveal that someone we know is an alien … Michael Hastings delves into Obama’s war in Afghanistan … “Dubai is a living metal metaphor,” writes Johann Hari, “for the neo-liberal globalised world that may be crashing––at last––into history” … And lastly, Adam Carolla (a onetime fighter himself) chats with the one and only Mike Tyson. ∞

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