Why Ann isn't blogging

I just thought inquiring minds might want to know.



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  1. She’s shrinking the heads of all the people who’ve pissed her off in the last year and storing them in a backpack? Damn. Good thing she’s in Texas…and I’m not.

  2. For a second, I thought she was working on a project for wigs for cancer patients. My late, lovely wife was offered a wig for free from an organization, but she didn’t take them up on it, preferring the Sinead O’connor look(her words not mine). That being said, I write that organization a huge check every few months, just because all the good they do. I also write it because I don’t have much hair left to donate.



  3. I predict that one of those will soon become a voodoo doll right after the hair gets removed with a dull, rusty razor blade.

  4. Hmm. Last year for this same show I did: Freya, Erzulie, Ishtar, Aphrodite, Osun (with a baby), Bastet and Xochiquetzal.

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