What's it Wednesday

by Dawn Farmer

Have at it…

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  1. I’ll tell you in awhile if no one actually guesses it… toast is a good guess, but not the correct one.

  2. Brian – you win, bran flake – close enough!

    Of course I’m not disclosing the true size of the bran flake… but it’s a good thing there are 100 foot tall trees in our backyard to provide cover. It’s still in the experimental stages. 🙂

  3. Illuminati Toast? Pshah! Methinks you mean to mock me, Dr. Slammy. Could it be because of your experiences in the Technomage Illuminati / Prieuré de Sion relic wars of the early 90s? Oh, yes. My anonymous sources informed me about your attempts to join the Priory of Sion during your spiritually adventurous years at Wake. I know that you were about to be initiated into the North Carolina Chapter when scandal brought down the leadership. But, seriously, it is hardly the TI’s fault that certain PS Elders mistook a piece of toast for the original Eucharist. The TI just thought Shroud of Turin toasters would be a quick way to generate funds among Fundies.

    No, this is not toast. Nor bran flakes. But rather, it is volcanic pumice. Based on my spectral analysis of the image, I suspect that this sample of pumice did not originate on Earth. The high sulfate and iron content gives the pumice its orange color. That in and of itself is not particularly extraterrestrial. However, the porosity suggest a low gravity environment (roughly 1/3 Earth’s gravity, by my calculations). It could be from Mars, perhaps even near Olympus Mons. However, without testing an actual sample in the lab, I can not be certain. Since it’s not a terribly rare specimen, I suspect Dawn has already destroyed this bit of evidence of her off-planet weekend excursions.

  4. I did not realize that bran flakes actually sandblasted your colon into submission.