Note Bene #61

Hot links from recent days: My favorite loony elected official warns of “politically correct re-education camps” for youths … Robots are replacing humans as the great explorers, observes Jeremy Hsu … Woe is Colorado: Wildlife’s losing ground to sprawl, there’s mercury in the lakes, and forests are turning brown … RIP Tom Braden; Crossfire was at its best when it was Braden & Buchanan … The plight of Haiti continues to shame the Western Hemisphere … The surviving Beatles put on a show … Spotless minds may soon shine eternally … Howard Zinn discusses class in America … Our friend Brad Friedman says: Hey, AP nitwits, Franken won … America’s first solar-powered city? … Paging Dr. Jones: Mugabe has stolen the Ark … Would you pay for news online? … A second sequel to the animation classic Heavy Metal is in the works, and Rob Zombie might direct a segment … In other metal news, Ronnie James Dio is penning an autobiography … We’re at the dawn of personalized medicine, says Fergus Walsh … “Whanne that Aprill with its poems sote/The doldrums of March hath perced to the rote” … $150 million in Nigerian bribes are sitting in Swiss banks … Humans and aliens might share DNA roots, writes Brandon Keim. Hey, I saw that Next Gen episode! … Microsoft believes Net usage will overtake traditional TV in Europe next year … Oh, great. Now insurers will get bailed out. Developers must be next … Speak of the devils: “We clearly overbuilt.” You don’t f?!king say … Fox comes up with this week’s Sound Business Solution™: Capitalize on misery … What could possibly make Kanye West regroup his shit? This … Adam Carolla chats with Trek legend and gay icon George Takei … And speaking of gay, Matt Drudge wants you to know that he does not love sex with men. He prefers eggs. ∞

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  1. I read Parfitt’s book about the Ark, and he lays down a convincing argument for his thesis. Not quite as interesting as Hancock’s thesis that it’s in Egypt but more scholarly and, hence, convincing.

    I would assume that Mugabe took it as soon as he heard; after all, it’s a potent talisman of power and Mugabe loves him some power. Too bad the Lucas/Spielberg fantasy won’t play out with Mugabe getting his face melted for playing with it.

    Parfitt’s thesis that it was a drum capable of containing and directing a small explosion produced with homemade gunpowder seems quite logical, especially when we consider that Moses would have been taught the magic of the Egyptian priesthood. We can also assume that a simple, though loud and smoky explosion would have scared the living shit out ancient people.

    The genetic proof that the Lemba are a lost tribe of Israel is bonus of Parfitt’s work.

    *Though Hancock probably has it wrong, his weaving of Ark history is an interesting read. His book Talisman, however, is well worth reading in its exploration of Masonic history and its connection to the founding of the US.

  2. Mugabe ruins everything he touches, even history. Kind of like George Bush with Iraqi antiquities.