Caller clowns Rush, Rush clowns Republicans

In the immortal words of Catbert, I just laughed myself fuzzy. First, you really must listen to this:

(Transcript here, courtesy of Media Matters.)

Rush starts, I think, to suggest that the caller isn’t really who he says he is, and by the end seems to allow that the guy may be a Republican, but not much of one. Continue reading

Tournament of Rock I: The Well Wishers vs. Andrew Bird


UPDATE: We have a see-saw battle on ourĀ  hands, with The Well Wishers currently holding a slim lead. Voting closes Thursday night, so make sure you’ve registered your opinion.


Welcome to the inaugural Scholars & Rogues Tournament of Rock, Round 1. Match #1 kicks the game off with two worthy competitors.

First, from San Francisco … Continue reading

TunesDay: what's in your collection?

There are all kinds of fun arguments to be had over which band is best or whether one’s taste is critically defensible (*cough*Brian used to listen to Madonna and Gloria Estefan*cough*) and, of course, my favorite – can we separate what we like from our critical faculties (that is, is your “favorite” list different from your “best” list)?

But there’s one sure measure of what music we really care about the most, for whatever reason, and that’s how much of our money we spend on it. So today’s TunesDay question is this: what artists do you own the most music from?

Feel free to answer however makes sense, and yes, we take into account the fact that you may own everything from a band that quit too soon. I have one of those myself. Here’s my list: Continue reading

Who put the vavoom in Doctor Doom?

You’ve probably heard of the “New York University professor credited with calling the current economic collapse and a ubiquitous presence on financial-news shows who continues to forecast gloom and doom.” Why, it’s Nouriel Roubini, of course, as he’s described in profile by Helaine Olen.

Thanks in no small part to Dr. Roubini’s prognosticating abilities, his business, RGE, is booming. Its website is thriving and he’s branched out from New York to Hong Kong and London with more international offices due to open. Nor does it hurt that, as described by Ms. Olen, he’s a one-man PR agency. Meanwhile, few are aware that Dr. Roubini also keeps up with the social whirl, frequently throwing parties and consorting with younger women. Continue reading