Nota Bene #60

Hot links from recent days: Who doesn’t love spy stuff? … A.C. Grayling reviews Why Evolution Is True … One man’s eyesore-hider is another man’s deforestation-staller … Pols finding out crime doesn’t always pay … An answer to nature vs. nurture? … Obama to bankers: I’m the only thing between you and pitchforks in the ass … Boating on a lake of sulfuric acid … You’re not your brain, Alva Noë argues … Yup, it’s a recession, says Robert Reich … Doug Saunders on NATO’s 60th birthday … Wait till the fire chief hears about this … Art: it’s not just a man’s nameNo decline in the errant belief that Obammy’s one of them Mooslims; well, this kind of thing doesn’t help either … The real Madagascar is in crisisNobelist: “Let these businesses go bankrupt” … Rich, Chinese and waiting for a kidney? Let Gut Rustlers bring a fresh organ right to your door! … Justice for Jack Johnson? … This week’s Sound Business Solution™: Let the lunatics run the asylum … A chronicler of NYC street life passes … Gotta love Grayson: first he rips on Cavuto, then he fries some bigger fish … Who grew your food? … Timothy Egan on the orphans of changing Ireland … Make it $200,000 and we’ll talk … Can’t go in reverse fast enough … Jonathan Chait on why the Dems can’t govern … Poverty goes straight to the brain; Matt Ridley has his own take … Whatever happened to the Perry Bible Fellowship? … The new Yankee Stadium: monument to greed … Rubén Blades takes a hit … And finally, rodents seeking Rogaine! ∞

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