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Introducing: the Scholars & Rogues Tournament of ROCK!

In case you missed it, we Scrogues just love music. So we thought we’d launch a new feature. Starting tomorrow, we’ll be asking our readers to vote in the first ever S&R Tournament of Rock, in which we’ll pit 16 artists and bands against each other in a single elimination format. At stake is the ultimate prize – getting to tell everybody that you won the inaugural Tournament of Rock. We’ll probably even do some kind of banner that the winners can put on their Web site. (If you’re a graphic designer looking to donate your time to a worthy cause, let me know.)

The first 16 bands cover some ground. A few we know, some others we just sorta know of a little bit, so we don’t have an agenda here. We just want you to check out some bands and vote on who you think is the best. Period.

More details tomorrow.

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  1. As long as the list includes Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground, I’ll vote.

  2. No VU in the first tourney, but there may well be in the future. There are, however, a couple bands who seem to have been keenly influenced by VU….