What's it Wednesday

by Dawn Farmer

Hello Wednesday friends – today’s submission for your consideration

Intergalactic holiday snap or something else?

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  1. I could just say it’s a green light bulb shot head on…but that would be too easy. I’ll have to think about this one a bit. Lemme go drop some acid.

  2. I must admit it does look like some sort of alien skyscape…Rho, Chris, anywhere you recognize? 😉

    But seriously, both the Prell and the lava lamp do seem plausible, so I’ll guess green jello–looking through it to the bottom of the bowl, maybe?

  3. OK. I think I figured it out. It took me a while because this is more “techno” than “mage.” It’s pure high tech science.

    Some of you may have heard of the green mouse. It’s a mouse that has had a green florescent protein spliced into its genome. There are several of these now, many of which fall under the rubric, luciferase (and no, I’m not making that up. Goggle it.) They were originally extracted from fireflies, but they show up in species of mushrooms, too.

    To explain how useful these transgenic mice can be, here’s an example. We wanted to use a “green mouse” to following the trafficking patterns of certain immune cells. In my case, the white blood cell called monocyte/macrophage. Basically, you take the cells from a green mouse, and inject them into a regular, non-glowing mouse. Then you can see where the cells go. I wanted to know if exposure to radiation changed the trafficking pattern of macrophages in peripheral lymphoid organs (e.g. spleen) and in the brain.

    Back to the image. About half of what the Technomage Illuminati does involves pure, hardcore scientific research. I half suspect Bill Gates is part of TI…which is probably yet another reason Dawn is up there.

    It’s well known in certain circles that the TI have a huge interest in nanotechnology. Sure, they have access to extra-terrestrial technology, but the TI are notoriously skeptical when it comes to their own bodies. Therefore, rather than just pulling offworld nanites “off the shelf,” they are developing their own. This only makes sense. A nanite created by a non-human, non-Earth race would have been developed in the context of a different set of biological endpoints. Basically, the immune systems are different. We have enough problems here with human-to-human organ transplants without introducing “alien” nanites.

    Since Earth-grown nanites tend to be somewhat cybernetic (i.e. half constructed, half adapted from biological systems), many proteins have been incorporated into their makeup. I suspect that the TI is using various luciferases to track their nanites within their animal models like I track macrophages in mice. This bulb is actually colony that has been growing in a flask for a few days prior to injection. The reflections off the surrounding glass suggest that the TI scientists conducting this work are well aware of the potential hazards. Likely, the flask is contained in an ecologically closed, hermetically sealed environment. That little blob like disfigurement in the upper left hand of the bulb is probably where nanites began to eat through the glass in a previous experiment.

  4. Whilst other aspects of this image can not be readily confirmed – Ubertramp speaks the truth about his glowing mice. It’s all about non-invasive visualization… those glow-in-the-dark fungi he mentioned are in Brazil, North America may even have a variety too.

    Ubertramp thanks for spotting the disfigurement to the upper left, clearly sealing them into a lava lamp was not a good idea!

    Maureen you nailed it.

  5. Of course not, Slammy. There’s absolutely positively nothing wrong with me. I put glow in the dark shrooms on my pizza like everyone else. Jesh.

  6. I would pay $60 for a coffee table book of Dawn’s images with Ubertramp’s (and Dr. Slammy’s) comments on facing pages.

  7. FUD University should apply for a grant to study nanites.

    Meanwhile, congratulations, Dawn, on your initiation into the Technomage Illuminati.