Note Bene #59

Hot links from recent days: “Dear wife of John” … The cold fusion debate is on again … Orwell’s Animal Farm was refused publication–by T.S. Eliot … Gaddafi more empowered than ever, which again begs the question, why is he still just a colonel? … John Mellencamp sizes up the music biz … The Gitmo guard who found Islam … China’s planning a Karl Marx musical, tentatively called If This Van’s a-Rockin’ … This week’s Sound Business Solution™: Teacher selling advertising space on tests … Greg Palast marks 20 years since the Exxon Valdez disaster … A Palestinian youth orchesta performs for a group of Holocaust survivors–and gets forcibly disbanded … Wallace and Gromit and science … Nate Silver rightfully rips the “worst pollster in the world” … Courtney Love’s being sued for libel over her online rants; but, boy howdy, Michele Bachmann makes Love look boringly sane … Rob Lovato on sea change in El Salvador … Found: long-hidden video of a historic dunk … On April Fool’s, is the joke on us? Update on the computer worm here … Switzerland, Italy are changing their borderlines–thanks to melting snow … Scientists develop an organic-detecting tricorder … Matt Taibbi: Hey, whiny AIG guy, fuck off and die … And speaking of F-bombs, Andy Richter gets a bunch dropped on him. ∞

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  1. Mike – I just love these weekly pieces. I was shocked by the report that Palestinian children had never seen an Israeli civilian! Speaks volumes, and imagine fighting over who has the worst atrocity.

    Wish I could see that Wallace and Gromit exhibition…

  2. I’d seen the Mellencamp piece. It explains a lot. Like how, about ten years ago, dance-based music came to dominate the pop charts. I could never figure it out before.