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TunesDay: name those bands…

…and win a prize!

Recently I was moving into my new office and decided to do something at least a little interesting on my walls. First I put these together – artistic treatments of my four favorite poets: Eliot, Yeats, Thomas and Charles Wright, who is probably our greatest living versificationist.


For the other wall, I decided to craft a montage featuring my favorite musical artists and bands. Or some of my favorites, I should say – if I’d included everybody I liked either the individual pics would be too small to see or the wall wouldn’t be big enough to hold it all.

My taste being on the eclectic side, I shipped a copy of the image around to my fellow Scrogues with a challenge to see how many they could guess. Some are obvious, some less obvious, and a few are just downright obscure, owing to the fact that our whole goddamned music industry sucks hyena balls. Only one of my colleagues, Mike Sheehan, had the temerity to even try, and he did a startlingly good job. He didn’t get them all, though.

It was at this point that I decided to have a contest. A pdf of the montage is here. Click to open it and name all the bands you can. Whoever names the most wins a copy of Lee Camp’s great new DVD. If there’s a tie I’ll flip a coin, because I have two copies and you can’t have mine.

So name the artists – all 53 of them if you can, and if you’d work your way roughly left to right and top to bottom it would help. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t name them all – I’ll be flat-out stunned if anybody gets more than 45, and you might win with an even lower number. You don’t have to be omniscient, just smarter than the rest of the people who loiter around the lot after closing.

Click the Contact button above to send them to me. Winners will be announced and the prize mailed sometime in the coming week or two, I hope. And no, members of the S&R team, especially those named Mike, are not eligible.


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  1. I was going to say that I’ll automatically get one wrong and spot everyone else one for that one. I assume you’re talking about the picture of U2?

  2. Fikshun, Slammy,

    You do realise that you just gave the answers to two of the pictures. (Although how I missed the U2 one and didn’t even think to check for the other one I have no idea. Must not have had enough caffeine this morning.)


    p.s. can we resubmit once we figure out some more or are you only allowing 1 entry per person?

  3. I guessed about 20 of em off the top of my head. But I know a few more that HAVE to be on there. I just don’t know what they look like yet. I’ll figure it out.

  4. Rho: Bono wishes he was fikshun.

    Chris: It wouldn’t have occurred to me that U2 wasn’t one of the obvious ones. But sorry – you have to get it right the first time.

  5. So Ubertramp,

    your saying if we find a Keanu Reeves movie with a Kenny G soundtrack Sammy would be in heaven?

  6. Rho, I think Kenny G, Kenny Loggins, Kenny Rogers were Slammy’s first three choices for the Matrix movie soundtracks. Luckily, Cartman killed Kenny first.