Nota Bene #58

Hot links from recent days: Say hello to Syfy … “This administration has already managed to create the impression that it’s owned by the wheeler-dealers,” says Paul Krugman … Natasha Chart describes the War on the Amazon … Terrorism is the No. 1 selling headline, Michael van der Galien observes … An Israeli scholar argues that the Essenes never existed … How to fix the Fed, by William Greider … China’s last eunuch rues the loss of his “treasure” … Alexander Zaitchik insists Obama’s serious about ending Pentagon waste … Pakistan is being reshaped by popular will, writes Mohsin Hamad … Could ether hold the secret to consciousness? … Rick Newman offers new incentives for failure … WWJD–on spring break? … Cheney belongs in jail, Richard Dreyfuss says … Steve Martin funds a banned high school play … The sad tale of a bat who hitched a ride into space … Thank a soldier, says Queensrÿche’s Geoff TateNation rues the death and life of great American papers … China: An ex-soldier at Tiananmen is being held after expressing his regret … Humor: Web to reduce email delivery … Peter Fenn discusses the tyranny of the minority … Abandoned factory photo junkies, here is heaven … Juan Cole blogs his Colbert Report experience … US bird populations in decline … From hedge funds to pizza delivery: one man’s tale … Playboy is sharing back issues. Online. For free … The fall and rise of the right whale … McCain: Obama’s budget is “a threat to the nation” … This is the way the Internet ends … Howard Dean: hailed abroad, shunned at home … Global warming and human activity are speeding Antarctica’s thaw … Is Jupiter’s Great Red Spot on its way out? … Steve Hynd knows who’s really running Pakistan … Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead sings Jimi Hendrix’s praises … Artist Weiwei Ai is creating a sensation in China … Salam Pax looks back, one last time … Matt Taibbi exposes the big takeover … And finally, Bill O’Reilly says, “Off with those pants.” Tame when compared to O’bama. ∞

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  1. Great set of links! You do such a better job of Nota Bene than the last guy. He was just too long-winded.

    I never knew Lemmy worked for Hendrix. It’s hard to believe such a force of nature was brought down in his prime. From what I’ve heard, it wasn’t drugs, women, or drink. It was bitterness over being worked too hard for too little pay. (I have a biography at home. It’s about time I read it.)

  2. Thanks for all those links. I am in heaven with all the images of urban decay. We abandon and throw away some pretty interesting stuff.

    The Right Whale piece is interesting too. I had no idea they used dogs to detect whale scat.

    Poor bat… that was a very bad day for that little guy.

  3. “You do such a better job!” Yeah right, whatever. I just can’t think of anything worthwhile to say, unlike my colleagues. 🙂

    “It was bitterness over being worked too hard for too little pay.” I thought it was choking on vomit.

    “Thanks for all those links.” My pleasure! And if you like urban decay pics (or decay pics in general), I’d recommend two more sites: Abandoned Places and Opacity.