Nota Bene #57

Hot links from recent days: Want Bruce Lee-like strength without hitting a gym? … Obama to shield science from politics, writes Rob Stein … The Holodeck is real … The GOP has a plan to save America … The unseemly, scandalous side of quilting …. Ralph Nader rues the bottomless bailout … So what is it? Do dolphins have a sense of the future? … Farming’s about to be fabulous, says Jim Rogers … How to cure a low libido? Of course, daily sex! With a partner, even … Guy Larson describes the making of a narco state … Is belief in a higher power an evolutionary asset? … LEAVE LIMBAUGH ALONE! *Sob* … Our first president (honest, I cannot tell a lie) waxes eloquent on the truth about blogs … Study music, rewire your brain … In Afghanistan, women battle warlords while fighting for women will get you 20 years … Matter, meet anti-matter … The intrepid Seymour Hersh ties Dick Cheney to an “executive assassination ring“; more on Cheney here; and a courageous lawmaker ups the ante … Behold: EyeTube! … Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner of Newcastle-upon-Tyne is selling wine. Who, you ask? … The recession has reached Africa, reports Shashank Bengali … Obama survives a close call … Jurassic Concession Stand … David Leonhardt laments the looting of America’s coffers … Screw PaulGordon Gekko was right … Rare WWII-era color photos of American life … Where are Sol’s lost siblings? … And finally, Ricky Gervais and Elmo hit it off. ∞

They can't even type

by Jeff Huber

Young Mr. Bush and his handlers managed to squander more than two centuries of American progress.Two interminable armed conflicts and the economic collapse they produced left President Obama with the worst combination of foreign and domestic policy disasters in our country’s history.He faces a conundrum; he needs to take care of the economic problems first, but they won’t fully heal until he straightens out the tangled web of war Bush created in the Middle East.Unfortunately, he made very bad decisions when he chose his foreign policy cabinet secretaries. Continue reading