Would bagging bin-Laden deal the Republicans a death blow?

To the confusion of those who voted for him, President Obama insists on treating Republicans with a respect that no one outside the party thinks they any longer deserve. After his victory, and with no discernible leader outside a drug-addled blowhard, they’re reeling.

Worse for the Republicans, it looks as if dramatic inroads are being made into territory Republicans have long claimed as their own — national security. In other words, we may finally be zeroing in on Osama bin-Laden.

The New York Daily News reports:

Where’s Osama? Try Chitral, once a trekkers’ paradise in Pakistan that has been sealed off to outsiders and is now regularly buzzed by American spy drones.

The U.S. won’t say it officially, but an exhaustive Daily News investigation finds the world’s biggest manhunt for the monster who murdered nearly 3,000 people on 9/11 has zeroed in on Chitral’s stunning peaks and deep valleys.

Six U.S. and foreign officials confirmed to The News that northwestern Pakistan’s impenetrable Hindu Kush mountains. . . in the Chitral region have been eyed as Bin Laden’s hideout since 2006 by Osama hunters aiming for the big kill.

Okay, this story is less breaking than hype. But there has been a slow accretion and synthesis of facts, especially regarding the drones, which haven’t fired any missiles, but were “first spotted spying on Chitral last summer and were seen again as recently as Feb. 2.”

“Drone Aaya!” blared a Nov. 24 Chitral News headline about a visit by the “dreaded” spy planes. “People were looking [up] with a mix of curiosity and anguish,” they reported, adding, “Some said it was looking for Osama.”

Should bin-Laden’s capture or death come to pass, the Republicans would no doubt claim, “Yeah, but who laid the groundwork and softened him up for the kill? Bush.” Nevertheless, it would go a long way to snuffing out the canard that Democrats are soft on national security.

Let’s just make sure we bring him back alive. That way we can auction off interviews with him to the international media and add that money to the next stimulus package.

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  1. Let’s just make sure we bring him back alive. Something tells me that alive is not how the mandarins in DC want him brought back. What he knows can only be speculation, but there’s probably a fair amount that our intelligence agencies don’t want brought to the light of day.

  2. The chance of bringing him back alive from there is very slim, I would think. I suppose a commando-type operation might be able to do the trick, but would probably take heavy casualties. I would lay heavy money on a missile from a drone if they have him spotted.

  3. JSO: How to convince the American public it’s his body if obliterated by a missile might be a problem.